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15. August 2019 LEARN Maintenance
03. Juni 2019 Go International
07. Oktober 2019 Interested in studying abroad?
01. Oktober 2019 Go Global 2019 – WU’s exchange fair
31. Oktober 2019 Go International!
17. November 2019 Interested in studying abroad? Apply now for an exchange semester in the winter semester 2020/2021!
07. Januar 2020 Go International!
10. Februar 2020 International Summer Universities 2020
11. März 2020 Switch to Distance Learning At WU, starting March 11, 2020, as a precaution measure because of the Corona virus, lecturing at the Campus is switched to distance lecturing until further notice. You will be notified about the latest developments regularly via e-mail to your student e-mail address. Please do also follow up with further information regarding your lectures/courses, which you will receive from your lecturers either via e-mail or directly in LEARN.

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