WU Student Rankings – A different type of progress report

“Mr. Ms. XY has completed courses and exams worth a total of 131 ECTS credits with a grade point average of 2.33. He/she is therefore among the top 10% of the students in his/her peer group (=3,530 students)”.

WU Student Rankings: With this new service for students in WU’s bachelor and MSc programs, students can request a progress report like the example above, which offers a clearer representation of an individual’s progress in comparison to his or her fellow students. You can request a progress report in German or English online, based on your choice of grade point average, rate of progress, or a combination of the two criteria. Progress reports are useful when applying for graduate programs, internships, or jobs, in Austria or abroad.

Bachelor students can request a ranking after completing 42 ECTS credits, MSc students after 30 ECTS credits. Data is analyzed based on four set reference dates per academic year. Therefore, depending on how long you have been enrolled in your program, different rankings are available (four rankings per academic year).

Detailed information on the rankings as well as a definition of the ranked criteria and the peer groups is available online.

WU Rector’s List – Honoring the best students of each semester

At the end of the current semester (summer 2011), WU will be publishing its first Rector’s List of the best students in both bachelor programs. With this list, the Rector of WU University of Economics and Business will be honoring the best students of each semester, as a clear mark of recognition for outstanding academic performance. 30 students will be honored in the Bachelor Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, 15 students in the Bachelor Program in Business Law. To be eligible for the Rector’s List, students must have completed at least 30 ECTS credits by the respective semester. Ranking criterion is grade point average.

Contributed by Marlis Sobernig