First Steps on Learn@WU

Accessing the Learn@WU eLearning system

As soon as you enrolled at WU, you were assigned a WU account and a WU password. Your user name consists of your student ID number preceded by the letter h. You can use your WU account to log in to Learn@WU and gain access to a wide variety of study materials, sample exams, and further important information about your program and your classes. See the “Login and Password” section in the Learn@WU Guide for more information on accessing the system.

Finding your way around Learn@WU

Once you've signed up for classes using the LPIS system, these classes will be listed on your MyLearn page on Learn@WU. Click on the title of the course to see study materials, the course syllabus, and additional information about the class. The Learn@WU color-coding system will help you find your way around. For example, you'll know that you're ona course page if the left-hand naviation menu is green. 

Course repositories will show a different menu color. What is a course repository? Course repositories give you the opportunity to see materials and information for courses you have not registered for on LPIS. You can find course repositories using the LMS Quicklinks on your personal MyLearn page. When you get there, the left-hand navigation menu will be orange.

Some repositories may have restricted access rights, so it's a good idea to access study materials for your courses directly from the course page.

If the LPIS registration period is over, you can also add courses using the "Manage memberships" feature. For more on this and other topics, please read the Learn@WU Guide to find out how to use the important Learn@WU features. Screenshots and short videos will show you how to use and get the most out of Learn@WU and its many applications. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the Learn@WU-Support:
+43 1 31336 6030

Your Learn@WU-Team hopes you have a great semester!

Contributed by Franziska Chen