Browser statistics

Which browser is used by students and faculty for surfing Learn@WU? Let's have a look at our browser statistics
(The diagrams show changes between August of 2009 and February 2010):

The usage of Firefox (resp. Gecko-based browsers) is fairly constant at 45%. Overall it is increasing its lead as most popular browser as more browsers are coming onto the market. By the way, February's Firefox 3.5 version was the most popular one (27%).

Internet Explorer is still in second position (~36%) although it lost 7% from August 2009 to February 2010. However, many users have upgraded to Internet Explorer version 8. Go upgrades!

Apple Web Kit based browsers like Safari and Chrome are clearly gaining relevance and double their number of users.

Opera users increased by 1%.

We would like to take the opportunity to recommend to regularly update your browsers.

Contributed by Monika Andergassen