Learn@WU prospectively offline on Monday, May 10, from 6-7 am.

Thanks to infrastructural improvements the Learn@WU team has been working on during the last months, Learn@WU has been (and is still) running smoothly since the massive power supply problems in the last two weeks.
Learn@WU was always available apart from a six-hour interruption on April 26 (transfer of Learn@WU to back-up servers the due to the fire), a 90-minute interruption on April 30 (transfer of Learn@WU to the regular server), and a 20-minute interruption on May 6 (due to an authentification problem in the log-in process).
During the last two weeks, the Learn@WU team was able to improve the back-up system, too. Now, Learn@WU offers a stable and powerful back-up system, which guarantees a high performance level even if a large number of users is working on the platform.

Contributed by Heike Bäcker