Studieren einmal anders! / Looking for a short term study program abroad?

Infosession: 05. Dezember 2013, 17 Uhr im Festsaal 1 (Library and Learning Center LC; Level 0)

Bewerbungszeitraum: 09. Dezember 2013 bis 13. Jänner 2014, 17 Uhr

Mehr Infos:

Eight International Summer Universities will be offered for WU students in Europe, Asia and North America in spring and summer 2014. All ISU programs can be accredited for various WU courses.

Infosession: December 5, 2013; 5 PM; Ceremonial Hall 1 (Library and Learning Center LC; Level 0)
Application period: December 9, 2013 to January 13, 2014 (5 PM).

Further information is available at the International Office:

Contributed by Pia Reitinger