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Viewing of exam documents

Upon request, grant the students access to the corrected exam documents. Students are generally entitled to view their corrected exam within 6 months. Conversely, this also means that the access does not need to be granted immediately and does not have to be made available to everyone as standard, but on request.
For the viewing of online exams, you have several options, depending on the question types:

  • Closed-ended question types (MC, SC and Cloze questions): Students can view the results in the online exam environment.
  • Open question types / assignments: For viewing open questions, you can use Microsoft Teams to conduct individual online meetings.

If you release the assessments in the course, students will see the achieved result and the comment for each task, if you have entered one:

IMAGE: Assignment with a text box, the grading and a comment from the teacher


For large-scale exams, it was previously possible for students to view exam documents online via the link “Prüfungseinsicht“ (=viewing the exam) on MyLEARN. There, they could find a document for viewing in PDF format. During the online examination phase this is unfortunately not possible.