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Exams with Open-Ended Questions (Study Module)

To create a written exam with open-ended types of questions, use the study module "Strict Sequencing" on MyLEARN.

The following question types are possible. They can also be combined:

  • open-ended question with text entry or data upload
  • Single-Choice question
  • Multiple-Choice question
  • Cloze question with text entry or drop down field

How do I set up a online exam with open-ended questions on MyLEARN?

To carry out a online exam with open-ended questions, the following steps are necessary:

  1. In your online exam environment or in your course environment on MyLEARN, create the study module "Strict Sequencing"
  2. After that, create qur exam questions within the study module.
  3. After having completed everything, you have to release the exam and the questions.

Below, you can find step-by-step instructions for these points.

How do I create the Study Module "Strict Sequencing"?
  1. Go to your online exam environment or course environment on MyLEARN.
  2. In the left side menu, click on "learning activities".
  3. In the top menu, click on "New" and "Study Module".
  4. Choose the "Strict Sequencing" in the selection with a click on "Select".

Determine the following settings for a written online exam:

  • In the field "Learning Outcomes", enter the term "performance assessment" ein.
  • In the "advanced settings", enter the time and date for the start and the end of the exam. A fixed processing period guarantees that all students can start the exam only at a defined day and a defined time.
  • make a checkmark in the checkbox "tag as ToDo".
How do I create exam questions?

After having created the study module, directly after saving it, you are in the study module. Now, create your exam questions.

  1. Within the study module, click on "New" in the top menu.
  2. You get a selection of the questions which are possible within the study module. The combined questions allows a combination of the three question types Multiple-Choice-, Single-Choice- and Cloze question. Choose one of the question types.
  3. Fill the form with your question and the answer alternatives.
  4. Choose the following settings per question and click on "Save" afterwards:
  • Advanced Settings > Assignment
  • Grading mode > max. points (and: enter the points)
  • Release grading > publish manually
  • For "Assignment": Submission type > text input
  • For Multiple-Choice and Single-Choice questions: Shuffle answer alternatives > YES

5. Now, release all questions.

Title vs. Shortname

Title: You can give the questions the same title (e.g. "question" for each question) During the exam, the title will be displayed for each question. A uniform title makes it difficult for students to identify the question easily and to exchange ideas about it.

Shortname: Vary the short name of all questions of a sample exam. It must not be the same for every question. Ideally, enter a random sequence for each question of a sample exam (e.g. 95726300278910). This name is shown to the students as part of the URL in the Browser. An arbitrary designation makes it difficult for the students to easily identify the questions and to exchange ideas about them.

How do students get to the online exam?

Students see the online exam on their To Do list on MyLEARN. If they click at the exam before the starting time, they get the following notification: "You will be able to complete this activity between [Start date and time] and [end date and time]“. Only at the start date, students can start the exam.

How does the online exam for students look like?

At the determined date and time, students can start the online exam. They see the following information:

  • Description: within the description, you should indicate the period during which the online exam is accessible and how much time students have to complete
  • Learning outcomes: enter here "performance assessment" and further information about the intended outcomes

Students will see the standard text:
"This task has a sequenced structure of questions. As soon as you click on 'Start' you will see the first question. To submit your answer, click on 'Submit'. After that the next question will become visible.
n this assignment answers are not saved as a draft and you cannot edit them again! If you click 'Submit' your answer will be submitted immediately.


After starting the online exam, students get a table of contents which shows all questions of the online exam. However, the individual questions cannot be actively addressed. The questions are released in a strictly specified order. Students cannot  skip questions. Only after answering a question and a click on "Absenden" [sic], students can proceed with the next question.

All questions answered so far and the question currently to be answered are displayed on one page.

No back navigation

Students cannot change their answers to open questions Studierende können ihre Antworten auf eine offene Frage nicht mehr ändern oder cancel them.

Students cannot navigate back using their web browser, either. In case, this happens, students have to go forward to return to the exam question and to be able to continue working on the exam.

After all questions are answered, students will see the button "Resultate zeigen" [sic].

Students can finish the online exam by clicking on the button "Resultate zeigen". They will receive the confirmation that they completed and they can view the answers to the questions without being able to change them.

The answers of the students will also be considered as handed in if students did not click the button "Resultate zeigen".

How can I view the submissions of the students?

After having carried out the online exam, you can view the submissions of the students.

  1. In the left side menu, click on "learning activities".
  2. In the top menu bar, click on "learning activities" and choose in the drop down list "Overview of Assignments“.
  3. In the list, look for the individual questions, for which you want to see submissions.
  4. For this question, click in the column "Status" on the number for "submitted".

You will see a table of all submissions and the grade.

How can I grade submissions of students?

The grading of closed-ended questions is done automatically. It is, however, recommended, to control the grading, especially for Cloze questions with text entry. For open-ended questions, you need to enter the grading manually:

  1. Click in the column "submission" at the link "submission" to see detailed information about the submissions of the students.
  2. Use the comment field of each submission to give students a short explanation for the grade.
  3. If you have selected "manual release" of the grades in the settings , click on the "Release all gradings" button of each question of the "strict sequencing".

After your release of the grading, students can see their grades.