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Many eBooks can be found directly in the WU catalog. Start your search as usual, and use the Refine results menu on the right-hand side of the page to restrict the search to Books and Online Resources.

From here you can either open a full-text version of the document or you will be directed to the provider, where you will be shown the options available for using the document (read-only, download, etc.). It can be helpful to use the Open source in a new browser window function for a better overview of the provider’s web page.

eBooks on mobile devices

eReaders or eBook reading apps on smartphones or tablets are a convenient way to be able to read digital documents on the go. Search for eBooks using the WU catalog.

Example: Download as ePub or MOBI

When you click the Online Resource link you will either be offered various download options or you will be directed to a website where your text is available. There you can either read it online or download it, often with a choice of formats. Aside from PDF, documents are often available in ePub or MOBI format. These formats are optimized for reading on mobile devices (e.g. eBook reader, Smartphone), as graphics, layout, and text size adjust automatically to fit the size of the screen.

You may need to install an eReader app on your mobile device (free apps are available, e.g. Aldiko) to be able to read ePub or MOBI documents and manage your eBook collection on your smartphone or tablet.

Converting formats

PDF format is not ideal for reading longer texts on small screens, as the page layout cannot be adjusted to fit the screen. This format was designed to allow users to exchange documents in a static format between different technical platforms, meaning that it was never intended to be flexible with regard to the specifications of different devices. For this reason, downloading documents in PDF format and converting them for use on an eReader will not produce high-quality results.

Ideally, documents should only be converted from formats designed to be read on mobile devices. Conversion between the formats ePub, MOBI, and AZW usually works well. You can convert files using the Software Calibre software or the Kindle personal document service.

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