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Reference Management

What can I do with a reference management program?

  • Manage literature references for an academic paper
  • Create a bibliography in a variety of citation styles (e.g. for a thesis proposal)
  • Use a word processing program to insert citations and a bibliography

Which programs are available at WU?

The reference management programs Citavi and EndNote Web are available to all WU students free of charge.

Which reference management program is suitable for my needs?

This selection tool will help you finding the right reference managemnt programm.

Start the selection tool

You can find detailed informations on reference management tools in the following link:

Comparison of Reference Management Software (University Library TU Munich)

How can I get help?

The university library offers support for all programs licensed by WU, as well as for the free programs Zotero and Mendeley. Consult our course catalog for times and dates of the various courses on reference management.

Please contact with any questions you may have.

If you have special questions related to literature research or reference management, please visit us at the search_bar on level 2 of the Central Library in the LC building (next to the Library Information Desk).

search_bar opening hours  
Reference management Tuesday from 2pm - 3pm
Literature research Thursday from 3pm - 4pm

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