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News read!t


read!t reading list note also visible in the WU catalog

If a resource from the WU library inventory has been added to a read!t reading list, you can find this information in the WU catalog.


Activating read!t in MyLEARN

From the end of January 2021, lecturers and list creators will have the opportunity to activate read!t directly via MyLEARN. Find out more about this feature here!


read!t - Online introductions

We offer short online introductions in January and February! You will learn how to use the new Reading List Management System read!t to create reading lists for your courses.


New search filter "Department"

read!t user have now not only the option filtering/searching for Term, Course instructor, Course title but can also display all lists per Department.


Infografics for students

Here you can find tipps and tricks on how to use read!t even better!