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readit - creating reading lists

Our new reading list management system read!t allows you to create clearly structured reading lists for your courses quickly and easliy.

The following tutorials give you a short introduction about the login process, how to create a reading list and how to use special features for upgrading your list.

With "My Collection" you have the opportunity to collect interesting resources for different purpose in your own list.

Getting access to read!t

If you want to use read!t for creating your own reading lists, your account has to be activated!

What we need:

  • course titel
  • course number
  • names of persons who are associated with the course and will work on the list

Please contact us with all the course details above under

or via phone: +43 1 31336-​4488

For a first impression, please visit the read!t portal:

read!t - step by step

  • Central access via the portal:
  • Direct access to your course via the syllabus - please get in touch with the library’s read!t team!

Log in with your WU account

Create a new list

Assign the title of the list: Please enter the number and the title of your course

Please associate the list with your course

Add a short description of your list - optional

Add a new section

Describe the new section - optional

Add items

Search the WU Library Catalog & Articles

Add resources – via the button “add” or with “drag and drop"

Correct or complete the description of the resource if necessary

Log in to the readit portal and the WU catalog with your WU ID.

After you have found a resource in the catalog,

  1. click on the read! t button
  2. add the resource to the desired reference list (or also under My Collection) and section
  3. click on ADD TO READING LIST

Assign tags to your resources – this is an important information for your students as well as library staff!

Add a public note for your students or a private note for your collaborators (other lecturers, tutors, etc.)

Send a message to the library


Activate the option “student discussion”

Send the reading list to the library for processing via the button “Send list to library”

Publish the list and make it visible to all students