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Preparing your search

Before you start your search, you should be able to answer the following questions:

If you can answer these questions, it should be clearer how you will want to organize your search. You will be able to filter out irrelevant information and identify relevant hits more quickly.

How comprehensive should the information be?

Whether you will need to consult only books on your topic or will have to do further research on more detailed literature (journal articles, specialized literature) depends on how you answer this question.

What type of information am I looking for?

Introductory literature, current developments, articles in academic journals, information on specific industries, etc.

Which search tools are best suited to my search?

If you are looking for books, print periodicals or eJournals, use the WU catalog. The Electronic Journals Library (EZB) is also available for researching eJournals. If you are looking for articles in periodicals, you can also start a search in the CatalogPLUS section of the WU catalog. For more in-depth research, we recommend using the databases available at the library.

Click here for more detailed information on the available search tools.

Getting started

Look up the key terms related to your topic in dictionaries or encyclopedias. Often, these reference works will provide an overview of the topic prepared by experts and can include literature for further reading. Textbooks can also be a good starting point, as they often include references to details and special issues. Compile a list of the most relevant journals in the field and look through the most recent years (the most recent 3-5 years). Consult the bibliographies of particularly relevant literature and look for the names of authors who have published extensively on the topic in question.

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