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The WU catalog

Books are the heart of every library and a library without books is unthinkable. The WU University Library has a comprehensive collection of titles relevant to research and studying.

Searching in the WU catalog is also the topic of this video tutorial

What can I find in the WU catalog?

The WU catalog is the place to start any search for books. The library’s entire collection of books and periodicals as well as many eBooks and eJournals are cataloged here for easy reference. In addition to the WU catalog, you can also consult the CatalogPLUS, which in addition to the materials listed above also contains over 300 million literature references and full texts from our databases and open access resources. This means you can also use the CatalogPLUS to search directly for journal articles. However, the entire university library collection has not yet been integrated into the CatalogPLUS, so for in-depth research for journal publications, it is still recommended to use the databases.

The library has not only a large number of books in hard copy, but also an extensive collection of digital books, or eBooks. A further resource is the OBVSG Austrian Library Network Union Catalog which can be used to search the collections of all major academic libraries in Austria. If after using these tools you still haven’t found the literature you’re looking for, you can expand your search to include libraries outside of Austria.

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How do I search for something in the WU catalog?

You can search the WU catalog for title, author, subject, etc. You will be given a list of results from your search, which you can refine further using the filters on the right hand side. For example, you can choose to search only for books in English. You can also change how the results are sorted.

Once you have your results, select the title you wish to find and click on the Available tab. You will be shown one or more locations within the university library system where the book is shelved. The entry will show you the location (Central Library or branch library, floor where appropriate) and the shelf mark or classification that tells you where to find the work on the shelf. The description may include other details about the book. The status shows you if the book is available, if it can be checked out, and for how long. If the book is already out on loan, it will tell you when it is due to be returned. Some books can be reserved, but not all of them.

The guide Finding Your Way Around the Central Library has more helpful information on the individual locations and floors.

To restrict your search to the textbook collection, use the partial catalog for the textbook collection in the WU catalog. The WU catalog is available online without restrictions, so you can start your literature research at home.

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Which books can I check out? For how long? How many at a time?

For more information on reference works, please click here. More comprehensive information on checking out books is available on the university library web page.

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