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What is an academic journal?

Magazines or newspapers are published at regular intervals with information on specific topics. They are often referred to as periodicals as they are published on a periodical basis.

An academic or scientific journal is a regularly published periodical featuring current scientific findings on certain subjects.

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What is an eJournal?

Digital journals or eJournals are either published along with a print edition (in complete form or in excerpts) or as stand-alone publications without a print edition. Access to the full text version of eJournals is sometimes free and sometimes subject to a charge (e.g. offered along with a subscription to the print edition or as a stand-alone subscription).

The university library is licensed to access full-text versions of over 20,000 eJournals. All WU faculty, students, staff and library patrons can use these resources.

You can find the eJournals in the WU catalog using the tab E-Journals A-Z. Enter the title of the requested journal or use the alphabetic list for searching the journal title.

All eJournals WU is licensed to access are listed in the Electronic Journals Library (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, EZB). You can search the EZB for journal titles or request an overview of journals organized by subject. The EZB does not support searching for individual journal articles.

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How do I find specific journal articles?

Please note: In the WU catalog you can only search for the titles of journals, not for the papers published in them. To search for individual papers, you will need to use the CatalogPLUS. For more in-depth literature research, we recommend using the specialized databases.

First, search for the journal in the WU catalog.

You can filter your search to include only periodicals.

In your list of results, find the journal that has published the article you wish to find. Click on the Details tab to get information about the journal and its availability: This will help you find the issue you need. If you can’t find the journal you’re looking for in the WU catalog, alternative options are available. For more on these alternatives, please click here.

The shelf mark of a journal is made up of several elements.

Example: The Economist - 33097-C/2017,3

33097-C Call number of the journal
2017 Year of publication
3 Volume number (consecutive)

Together with the description 2017, July-Sept. this information tells you that this is the third volume of the year 2017 and contains all issues published from July to September. Bound volumes of periodicals are shelved in the basement on level -2 in the periodicals section.

Current issues

The current year of a periodical has only the call number as its shelf mark and is shelved in the periodicals section or the News Lounge on level 4.

Example: The Economist - 33097-C
Description: 2017,9071

This issue has the consecutive no. 9071 and is from the year 2017.

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What alternatives are available if I can’t find a journal or an article in the WU catalog?

Access through other organizations

You can search for other academic institutions in Austria with access rights to the desired journal.


To look for eJournals available at other institutions, search for the journal title in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) and click on the title. At the end of the detailed entry on the journal you will find a link to participating institutions with full-text access. Select an institution and go to their page to find out more about gaining access to the journal you need.

Print journals

The Austrian Library Network search engine can access the collections of over 80 mainly academic libraries all over Austria. Use the Advanced Search option and select the filter Journal under Media Type.

Document delivery service

Individual articles can be ordered using our document delivery service. This service is subject to charges.

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Remote Access

WU students, faculty, and staff can use most of the WU Library’s licensed electronic resources on campus and, via remote access, also from off-campus. If you are not affiliated with WU, remote access is not possible. You can still access our licensed resources from the PCs in the libraries on Campus WU, however.

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