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In addition to the holdings of the regular WU Catalog (print media, eBooks and eJournals, WU theses, holdings of the Language Resource Center), CatalogPLUS searches more than 300 million references and full texts from databases licensed by WU Library as well as open access sources.

Access to online resources

As a WU member (WU students, WU faculty, and staff), please activate your VPN-connection to be able to access the electronic resources in the CatalogPLUS also from home.

Filters & Functions

In CatalogPLUS, you can narrow your search results by specific criteria or view additional hits that may be relevant to your research.

Filter “Peer Reviewed”

With the help of the filter “Peer Reviewed” you can limit your search results to scientific articles from peer reviewed journals (for more information see the Encyclopaedia Britannica).

Filter “Open Access”

This filter allows you to display specific hits that are “free to read” (incl. Open Access), i.e. accessible online without restriction.

Citation Trail

This function allows you to view journal articles that are cited (listed in the bibliography) in a particular article or that cite that article.

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