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Finding Publications

If you have for example a reading list with bibliographic data on the literature you need, then you can conduct what is known as a “known item search.” Unlike searching by subject, with a known item search, the only thing you have to know is what kind of publications you’re looking for and where to find them.


Use the WU catalog to search for books, using the author or title as search terms:

Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (1985). Intrinsic Motivation and Self-determination in Human Behavior. New York/ London: Plenum.

Click here to find out how to locate where a particular book is shelved in the WU Library.

Book chapters

You can also use the WU catalog to search for book chapters. To do so, don’t search for the author or title of the chapter, but search for the editor and title of the book instead:

Dawson, A., & Valentini, G. (2013). Acquisition and diversification behaviour in large family firms. In K. Smyrnios, P. Poutziouris, & S. Goel (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Family Business, Second Edition (pp. 719-733). Edward Elgar Publishing.

Click here to find out how to locate where the book containing this chapter is shelved in the library.

Journal articles

The WU catalog is also your source for finding articles in journals and other periodicals; here it’s important to remember to search for the title of the journal, not the article. When searching for journals in the WU library collection, you can filter your search to include only the Journal Titles.

Baker, G. (2000). The Use of Performance Measures in Incentive Contracting. American Economic Review, 90, 415-420.

For more information on searching for periodicals, please click here.

Web pages

To find a cited web page, enter the web address (URL) included in the listing into your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).

The World Bank (Österreichische Nationalbank (ed.) (n.d.). World Bank Group Summary Results 2015. URL: (accessed on 11/01/2016).

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