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Textbook collection (level 3)

The textbook collection includes basic literature, introductory, and standard works. It also contains the most important books needed to complete the introductory and orientation phase of WU’s bachelor’s programs.

Please see the WU website for more details.

When searching for titles in the WU catalog, you can restrict your search to include only holdings in the textbook collection.

Select a title from the list of results and click on the Locations tab to find out about the book’s availability and where it is shelved.

One book in the example given below is currently available and can be located using the highlighted shelf mark. The other one is currently not available.

The textbook collection’s holdings are organized by shelf mark as follows:

100 ... Business administration

200 ... Economics

300 ... Law

400 ... Other (e.g. social sciences, mathematics, languages)

Within the thematic areas, books are shelved alphabetically according to the next segment of the shelf mark (BE/TU comes before KO/GM, followed by LA/RO).

The textbook collection contains multiple copies of its holdings. Only WU students are eligible to borrow works from the textbook collection, as these titles are usually needed for exams. Textbooks cannot be reserved or put on hold. The loan period is 6 weeks and you can borrow up to 5 books at a time. The textbook collection is open-access and located on level 3 of the Central Library.

For more information on borrowing materials from the textbook collection, please click here.

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