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Finding Your Way Around the Library

What is shelved where in the Central Library? This guide will introduce you to the different areas in which the various media in the library’s collection are kept.

If you need help with your literature research, the staff of the Library Information desk on level 2 will be happy to help you. The reception staff at the entrance to the Central Library are there to answer any questions you may have with regard to your library account or loaning materials.

The University Library has three locations on Campus WU, and your valid WU student ID card or library card grants you access to all of them. The Central Library in the LC building is the largest library on campus. The two branch libraries are the Library for Law (D3) and the OeNB Library for Social Sciences (D4).

Please also have a look in our 360° virtual library tour. Available in English and German.

Behind the scenes

The video shows what happens behind the scenes at the book return.