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Newspapers and Magazines: PressReader

The Pressreader - Read Periodicals on the Go

Within in the PressReader the WU Library offers its patrons access to over 5,000 newspapers and magazines from 100 different countries and in 60 languages, fresh off the virtual press every day. Titles can be selected by language, country, or category. Archived periodicals are available for up to 90 days as they appear in print or as text versions of individual articles optimized for mobile screens. Some content of the print editions of newspapers and journals is not accessible over databases like Factiva or ProQuest; this premium content is available with the PressReader. The practical PressReader app, described in more detail below, is perfect for reading periodicals on your cell phone or tablet. Please consult the Instructions.


Use the search bar in the top right corner of the screen to search for specific titles, or filter your search with parameters like country, language, or publication date using the advanced search feature. The interface language can be set to English (or a variety of other languages) using the drop-down menu in the top right corner.(z.B. Land, Sprache, Zeitraum).

The PressReader app

Download and install the appropriate app for your device:


You automatically have access to the PressReader content if you connect to the WU network over the WU Wi Fi or using a VPN connection (PressReader HotSpot).

Downloaded issues can also be read offline.


Click on the shop to browse the various categories available or enter a specific search term.

Downloads and subcription

You can also set up subscriptions. When you subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, the app automatically downloads the current edition as soon as it becomes available and you are connected to the WU network. Select the periodical you would like to subscribe to and activate the option Automatically deliver all new issues (see image)

You can also choose how many issues of a newspaper or magazine should be saved to your device. Manage your preferences under More Mehr --> Settings --> Generell --> Remove issues.

You can also make sure that contents are only downloaded when you’re connected to Wi-Fi by selecting the option Allow Wi-Fi only content download.

PressReader-App: Article menu

PressReader-App: Subscription


Contents can be viewed as text or as a page (as it appears in print). The text view is optimized for mobile use, and the font size can be adjusted using the article menu (see image).


You don’t have to set up an account, but it can be useful if you use PressReader on different devices. If you have an account, it will sync your bookmarks, followed trends, subscriptions, etc. to all your devices. With an account, you can also use the social media functions of the app to interact with other users.

Please note: It is not possible to delete an account through the app or the desktop interface; to delete an account, you will need to contact the PressReader-Service.

Options available to account holders

  • Configuration of your Home Feed
  • Automatically receive articles on specific topics you’re interested in
  • Select the sections of a newspaper/magazine you always want to see (e.g. the sports pages)
  • Bookmark articles
  • Have a public channel and interact with other users
  • Follow other users and be followed
  • Rate articles

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