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SFX Linking Service

What is SFX?

SFX offers links from citations in databases to the corresponding full text article or paper (if available).

With the SFX linking service, you can check if

  • a journal article is available online
  • a book is part of the library holdings
  • a journal is part of the library holdings

You can also search the Austrian Library Network Union Catalog for the publication you are looking for.

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How can I use SFX?

The SFX function is activated for several databases. WU is continually adding SFX-compatible databases to its digital library. If you find an abstract you are interested in, please click the SFX Linking Service button. A new window will open where you can choose between different options and types of access to the full text you are searching for.

Steven Huddart and Mark Lang: Information distribution within firms: evidence from stock option exercises.
Journal of Accounting and Economics, Volume 34, Issues 1-3, January 2003, Pages 3-31

SFX is context-sensitive, and offers different services:

  • Direct link to the full text of the article
  • Link to the journal homepage where you can find the full text of the article
  • Search of the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
  • Search of the WU online catalog
  • Search of the Austrian Library Network Union Catalog

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Why aren’t all articles available in full text?

Not all journals are available in electronic form, and the WU University Library cannot subscribe to all eJournals. Please search the WU online catalog or the Austrian Library Network Union Catalog for printed versions. You can also order journal articles through our Document Delivery Service.

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Can I use SFX from off-campus?

Yes, if you are a WU student, staff, or faculty member. In this case, the terms and conditions for using SFX are the same as the ones that apply to all other digital library resources. Further details concerning the remote access can be found here.

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