- - Fundamentals of meta-analysis

- Step by step procedure on how to conduct a meta-analysis, including the definition of a research question for a meta-analysis, literature search and study coding, data preparation and analysis. Data analysis covers the following topics: effect size integration,homogeneity tests, explaining the variability of effect sizes, and meta-analytic structural equation modelling.

- Contribution of meta-analysis

Learning outcomes

Participantsof this workshop will learn

- how to conduct a meta-analysis,

- how to evaluate meta-analyses in the marketing literature, and

- to follow the methodological discussion on meta-analyses.

Teaching/learning method(s)

The workshop consists of presentations interspersed with exercises, most of them computer exercises. Participants should bring their own computer equipped with Excel and SPSS.


Ph.D. Students are encouiraged to present their research

The grading system is made up as follows:

60% - Presentation of your Ph.D project and progress.

40% - Active participation in all sessions.

Recommended previous knowledge and skills

Advanced knowledge in statistics.

Availability of lecturer(s)


Unit details

Unit Date Contents
1 09.06.2016 Workshop on Meta-analysis
2 10.06.2016 Presentations of Ph.D. projects
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