The economics of regulation and competition regained significant importance in recent years. The focus will lie on the optimal regulation of network industries as well as optimal competition policy in case of industries that could be organized by competition.

The aim of the research seminar in regulation and competition economics is the presentation of the classical as well as latest research paper in the field. Doctoral students present also their own work.

Learning outcomes

The students presenting their own work can expect to get constructive feedback for their research papers, students presenting methodological papers can expect better understanding of the methods that they will apply in their dissertation.

Teaching/learning method(s)
Seminar presentations and interactive discussions
Seminar presentation, interactive discussion and paper
Availability of lecturer(s)

Tel: 31336 - 5444

Sprechstunde: Donnerstag, 10.00 - 11.00 Uhr

Institut für Quantitative Volkswirtschaftslehre, Gebäude D4, 1. Stock (der Eingang zum Department befindet sich im 2. Stock !)


Das Seminar wird 14 tägig im Block, SR. Institut f. Quantitative Volkswirtschaftslehre (4.0G (B)) abgehalten. Die genauen Termine werden in der Vorbesprechung vereinbart.
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Unit Date Contents
1 19.10.2016 Vorbesprechung
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