The purpose of the seminar is to give PhD students anopportunity to present progress on their dissertation/habilitation research,discuss challenges that they are currently facing, and collect feedback fromcolleagues (professors) who will be attending. To achieve this objectivestudents are required to prepare a 20-30 min presentation of their work,highlighting one particularly thorny or pressing issue (conceptual,methodological, empirical) that they are currently facing. The presentationshould start by giving a brief update on where the PhD student stands inhis/her research program (be it dissertation, habilitation or otherwise),followed by a relatively detailed description of his/her current challenges andwhat needs to be done next.

Learning outcomes
To discuss thorny issues in PhD students research, to create solutions for current challenges in PhD research and by doing so speed up personal progress in the respective research area.   
Teaching/learning method(s)
presentations and discussion

The assessment will be done based on the extent of preliminary preparation (e.g. well thought of challenges and articulated problems), the execusion of the presentation and the ability to respond to critical questions during the discussion. In other words, the assessment is based on a concept/ research proposal (30%), presentation (30%), as well as Q&R or ability to answer questions adequately and active participation in the course and discussions (40 %).


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