5501 Specialization in Business Administration Course II - International Corporate Reporting
Dennis Pietzka, MA, Elisabeth Renner, MSc (WU)
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04/30/18 to 05/01/18
Registration via LPIS
Notes to the course
Day Date Time Room
Thursday 05/03/18 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM TC.1.02
Monday 05/07/18 04:30 PM - 08:00 PM TC.2.02
Friday 05/18/18 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM TC.0.04
Friday 05/25/18 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM TC.0.04
Monday 06/04/18 09:00 AM - 12:30 PM TC.2.02
Wednesday 06/06/18 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM D5.0.001
Friday 06/15/18 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM TC.0.03 WIENER STÄDTISCHE

The course provides participants with an overview of corporate reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It enhances their knowledge of selected IFRS and the preparation of (consolidated) financial statements. Thus, the two main topics of the course are selected IFRS on the one hand, and the consolidation of financial statements on the other hand. An overview of applicable standards is provided and selected standards (IFRS 13, IFRS 15, IFRS 9) are covered in more detail. When presenting the selected IFRS, the underlying theoretical concepts are covered before demonstrating their practical application. The course also offers an overview of the legal framework regarding (consolidated) financial statements and of the consolidation scope.

Learning outcomes

By attending the course, the participants obtain knowledge about financial reporting under IFRS. They acquire practice-relevant knowledge in selected areas of IFRS like revenue recognition and financial instruments. Moreover, the participants learn about (consolidated) financial statements, their legal framework and the concepts underlying the consolidation process. After completing this course, the students have a good understanding of the scope of IFRS. The course helps them to understand and critically evaluate selected IFRS as well as to apply IFRS recognition and measurement rules

Attendance requirements

This course is a PI course with 80% attendance.

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course consists of lectures, practical examples and discussions. The lectures are partly based on international textbooks and partly on the text of IFRS standards. Relevant chapters in the books and additional material will be announced throughout the course.


Assessment is based on:

· Quizzes: 15 %

· Interim exam: 40 %

· Final exam: 45 %

In order to pass the course, students are required to achieve more than 50 % of the total reachable points.

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

This course is a PI course with 80% attendance. Students who are not present in the first unit will be deregistered and the place will be given to some other student on the waiting list.

Recommended previous knowledge and skills

Good knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting under national reporting standards (UGB, HGB or other national reporting standards). The students are expected to have knowledge from an undergraduate financial accounting course.

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