The emergence of smartphones has tremendously changed the marketing landscape. Some marketing strategies are now completely outdated, others are being massively transformed, while new – often data-driven – marketing techniques are continuously emerging and changing the way firms interact with their customers. Familiarity with mobile marketing strategies and techniques have become indispensable to the leading digital marketers of today and tomorrow’s firms.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, student should:

· Understand how mobile marketing differs from other forms of marketing

· Appreciate the key technologies and strategies used by firms for mobile marketing campaigns

· Understand the key metrics to measure the success of mobile marketing campaigns

· Appreciate the importance and sensitivity of new data sources including aspects such as privacy and data security

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course combines a variety of learning experiences: lectures, case discussions and student presentations.


Grades for the course will be based on four components:

· Final Exam (40 %)

· Presentations (30 %)

· Case write-ups (25 %)

· Class Participation (5%)

Availability of lecturer(s)

The main form of communication will be email. Students are expected to check their university email accounts regularly since emails will be sent to make announcements and provide materials prior and between class sessions. I will also be available in person for questions before and after lectures.

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