0968 Global Marketing Research
Aikaterini Makri, Ph.D.
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09/11/18 to 09/23/18
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Day Date Time Room
Wednesday 10/17/18 03:15 PM - 06:15 PM TC.3.11
Wednesday 10/24/18 03:45 PM - 06:45 PM TC.3.11
Wednesday 10/31/18 03:15 PM - 06:15 PM TC.3.11
Wednesday 11/07/18 03:15 PM - 06:15 PM TC.3.11
Thursday 11/22/18 02:00 PM - 05:30 PM TC.4.16
Wednesday 11/28/18 03:15 PM - 06:45 PM TC.3.11
Wednesday 12/05/18 03:15 PM - 06:45 PM TC.3.11

Providing a fundamental understanding of marketing research methods is the main objective of this course. The course flaw is structured in order to follow the steps of the marketing research process. In this respect, we will cover types of research design, techniques of data collection and data analysis. Particularly,topics covered will include problem definition, research design (exploratory,descriptive and causal), data collection methods, questionnaire design and attitude measurement, sampling schemes and data analysis. Emphasis will be given to both qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing research. An international agenda will be present throughout the whole course, as issues faced by researchers when conducting international marketing research will be pointed out.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course students should be able to:

· Understand what marketing research is, how, why and when it is useful

· Identify different research designs and data collection methods

· Acknowledge measurement issues in marketing research

· Design and conduct marketing research projects

· Evaluate and interpret research designed by outside providers

· Recognize marketing research challenges in an international context

Attendance requirements

Please note that the first and last session are mandatory. If you do not attend the first session, you will be de-registered from the course. In order to obtain a grade for the course, students must attend at least 80% of the course. An absence of 4 hours  (1 session)  is  permitted.

Teaching/learning method(s)

Each session consists of a mixture of lectures, real life cases, in class assignments,research exercises and discussion.


- class participation (20%)

- learning diary (10%)

- exam (40%)

- final assignment/ presentation (30%)

Grading Scheme (Total 100pts):
100-90 pts - 1
89-80 pts - 2
79-70 pts - 3
69-60 pts - 4
below 60 - failed

1 Author: Feinberg/Kinnear/Taylor
Title: Modern Marketing Research: Concepts, Methods, and Cases, International Edition

Publisher: Cengage Learning
Edition: 2nd Edition
Year: 2013
Recommendation: Strongly recommended (but no absolute necessity for purchase)
Type: Book
Availability of lecturer(s)
You can reach the lecturer via email:
Lecture slides and additional readings will be made available online.
Unit details
Unit Date Contents
1 Course introduction, overview of course outline, the purpose and process of marketing research
2 Research design and data sources, secondary data
3 Exploratory and conclusive research
4 Measurement and Sampling
5 Quantitative research, surveys, questionnaire design
6 Qualitative research
7 Final assignment, presentations by students, Q&A and feedback
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