4136 Project Management
Dr. Berrin Agaran
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02/11/19 to 02/20/19
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Monday 05/06/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM EA.5.040
Monday 05/13/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM D2.0.038
Monday 05/20/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM TC.4.18
Monday 05/27/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM TC.4.15
Monday 06/03/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM TC.3.12
Monday 06/17/19 09:15 AM - 01:00 PM TC.3.12
Wednesday 06/19/19 09:15 AM - 10:45 AM TC.4.12

Project management is one of the mostrelevant and exciting function areas of business. A talented and successfulproject manager will demonstrate exceptional strength in three areas; technicalproject management knowledge, leadership abilities; and strategic and businessmanagement. Through this course we will explore project management and itsvital role in the success of organizations.

  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Lifecycle & Process
  • Scope Planning
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Time and cost management
  • Risk management
  • Project Termination

Learning outcomes

The Project Management course facilitates the students to identify and manage the project scope, build a work breakdown structure, create a project plan, create the project budget, define and allocate resources, manage the project development, identify and manage risks, and understand the project documentation process.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the stages and process of the project life cycle
  • Create project objectives and identify stakeholders
  • Demonstrate integration of all aspects of project planning; scope, WBS (work breakdown structure) creation, scheduling, cost and resource planning
  • Learn and apply the knowledge areas to create project management assets and approaches


Attendance requirements

Students are expected to attend all the lectures (attendance requirement is 80%) 

Teaching/learning method(s)

All of the subjects which are defined in the pma-baseline 3.0 from the pma - Project Management Austria, will be analyzed during the course, as well as other additional topics which are essential to provide a better level of comprehension of the course. 

Several case studies are presented in the class to demonstrate the applications of the methodologies discussed and 4 assignments are due to deliver at the end of 2.,3.,4., and 5. week.

Group work may be required in this course

Your grade will be weighted as follows:

Final 50%
Assignments 30%
Presentation of Assignments 10%
Quiz 10%

Availability of lecturer(s)
Instructor DI DR Berrin Agaran


I will make myself available to provide one-on-one support as needed during this course. However, I only teach part time and am typically not available during the day. I am available in the evenings and do check email regularly. Contact me via e-mail if you would like to set up a time to chat. For time critical items, please call or text my cell phone listed above.

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