0253 Contemporary Challenges in Business and Economics
Univ.Prof. Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Univ.Prof. Dr. Jürgen Essletzbichler
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03.10.2019 bis 07.10.2019
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Dienstag 08.10.2019 15:30 - 17:30 TC.0.10 Audimax
Dienstag 15.10.2019 15:30 - 19:00 TC.0.10 Audimax
Dienstag 22.10.2019 15:30 - 19:00 TC.0.10 Audimax
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Donnerstag 21.11.2019 12:00 - 13:00 D4.3.106
Freitag 22.11.2019 12:00 - 13:00 D4.3.106
Montag 25.11.2019 08:00 - 10:00 TC.0.10 Audimax

Inhalte der LV

This module illustrates the complexity of global and local business, economic, social and environmental relationships that can be addressed only through the variety of theoretical frameworks and methodological tools available in the Social Sciences and practiced at WU. Understanding Economics and Socioeconomics broadly as disciplines that study how we organize society and transform nature in order to meet human needs, this course will demonstrate the centrality of Social Science research to understand and offer solutions to some of the contemporary challenges we face including globalization, climate change, inequality and poverty.

The course will focus on students critically engaging with the topics and working out how different theoretical lenses result in different research foci and questions that may yield potentially conflicting, yet scientifically valid explanations of and solutions to those challenges. In consequence, different research questions will necessitate and lead to a diversity of methodological and empirical strategies to address them. The course will emphasize the interactions between scientific research and policy making by demonstrating that theories, methodologies and evidence-based tools will allow to assess rigorously the potential solutions to selected global challenges.

Lernergebnisse (Learning Outcomes)

After successful completion of the course students will be able to

  • understand selected contemporary social challenges and conflicts
  • evaluate and understand different theoretical economic and socioeconomic concepts and modelling tools to provide explanations of and solutions to those conflicts
  • appreciate the strength of multiple theoretical frameworks, methods and models to approach these challenges from multiple perspectives
  • understand that scientific evidence supports decision making processes and offers guidance for political decisions to address social and environmental challenges
  • develop sensitivity to distinguish between scientifically acceptable information and "fake" news

Regelung zur Anwesenheit

Students are required to attend 70% of the total amount of class contact hours.


  • Brief lectures by instructors
  • Self-guided reading
  • Videos
  • Group work and discussions

Leistung(en) für eine Beurteilung

In order to complete the course, students need to be present for 70% of the classes.

Final Exam: 50 points (you will need to obtain a minimum of 25 points in order to pass the course)

Weekly, in-class, online quizzes: 5 points per quiz (max. 25 points) (there will be a quiz on assigned compulsory readings in weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). The five best quizzes count

Group homeworks: Total of 25 points.

In-class discussions / participation: 1 bonus point per class (where applicable)


Grading Scheme:




>= 87.5


75 - < 87.5


62.5 - < 75


50 - < 62.5



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a curious mind

Erreichbarkeit des/der Vortragenden

If you have questions regarding the course please contact instructors by e-mail:

Prof. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma:

Prof. Jürgen Essletzbichler:

E-Assistant: Hans Vomary:

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1 02.10.2018


Jesus Cuaresma Crespo; Jürgen Essletzbichler
TC 0.01: 3.30 - 5.30pm


Required Readings:

Mankiw & Taylor (2017), Economics, 4th Edition: Chapter 2

2 09.10.2019

Globalization: Part 1

Jesus Cuaresma Crespo
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


3 16.10.2019

Globalization: Part 2

Jürgen Essletzbichler
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


4 23.10.2019


Jesus Cuaresma Crespo
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


5 30.10.2019


Jürgen Essletzbichler
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


6 06.11.2019

Climate Change Economics

Jesus Cuaresma Crespo
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


7 13.11.2019

Climate Change Policy Conclusion

Klara Zwickl; Jürgen Essletzbichler
TC 0.01: 2.00-5:30pm


Required readings:


8 19.11.2019

Final Exam

D5.0.001: 08:00-10:00am

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