1524 Personal Skills
Dr. Maria Fischinger
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17.09.2019 bis 08.12.2019
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Donnerstag 12.12.2019 17:00 - 18:30 D5.1.004
Freitag 13.12.2019 08:00 - 19:30 D5.1.004
Samstag 14.12.2019 08:00 - 17:30 D5.1.003

Inhalte der LV

This course is targeted at students interested in applying innovation methods and creativity techniques. It focuses on how different methods and tools can be applied in order to

  • thoroughly understand an identified problem
  • generate ideas for solving this problem and
  • selecting the best solution and developing it.

Specifically, this course focuses on goal-oriented, yet open and unbiased approaches that help in involving different actors (individuals/organizations) who are concerned either directly or indirectly by a particular problem (e.g., customers, users, experts, stakeholder). As a result, more holistic solutions can be obtained. 

Overall, this course aims at providing students with a toolkit of innovation methods and creativity techniques and with knowledge about how to apply them. 


Lernergebnisse (Learning Outcomes)


After completing this course, students will 

  • have gained an overview of tools and methods for steering innovation
  • be able to select the tools and methods for problem analysis, idea generation and idea selection that are most appropriate in a given context
  • possess a better understanding about how to implement and apply these methods and tools
  • have improved their social skills in teamwork and moderation

Regelung zur Anwesenheit

Attendance is mandatory. In order to successfully pass this course, your absence is limited to 20%.


The course will combine various learning methods to deliver the different topics to the students. These will include theory input, open class discussions, interactive team work, students' presentations, and hands-on exercises.

Leistung(en) für eine Beurteilung

25 % individual in-class exercises (individual assessment)

25 % group in-class exercises (group assessment)

50% participation in class (individual assessment)

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