0464 Academic Research Techniques
Mag. Gina Villanueva-Weinzierl, M.B.A.
Weekly hours
Language of instruction
09/13/22 to 11/10/22
Registration via LPIS
Notes to the course
Subject(s) Bachelor Programs
Day Date Time Room
Thursday 11/17/22 12:00 PM - 02:15 PM D4.0.039
Thursday 11/24/22 12:00 PM - 02:15 PM TC.4.14
Thursday 12/01/22 12:00 PM - 02:15 PM TC.5.12
Wednesday 12/07/22 03:30 PM - 05:45 PM D5.1.002
Thursday 12/15/22 12:00 PM - 02:15 PM D2.0.374

The main objective of this course is to show students the process and procedures in scientific academic research. The main emphasis involve the research process, ethical standards in sourcing and citing,identifying possible research topics ad how to develop/write an academic paper.

The course focuses on three key aspects including the following topics:

1. An introductory reflection on scientific work:

e.g. everyday language vs. language of science,overview of the philosophy of science / the social dimension of science

2. Organizing an academic work

Developing a bachelor thesis: e.g.typology of thesis, particular steps from the idea of the research project (subject)to the scientific research question (exposé), composition and conditions of abachelor thesis

Working in anorganized manner:e.g. research, use and preparation of literature, quoting, formal requirements,time management

3. Scientific writing

e.g. visualisation of complex contents, writinga specific text, writing blockades, drafts and final versions

Learning outcomes

Once they have completed the course, students should be capable of:

· Distinguishing and comparing the different types of scientific work

· Understanding the research and development process of the academic work

· Developing a proper, ethical concept for a research project and research questions

· Undertaking a scientific literature research

. Evaluating accredited sources and proper citation of such sources

· Maintaining appropriate ethical standards in scientific writing andresearch

Writing a research proposal or expose

Attendance requirements

Please note that the first and last session are mandatory. If you do not attend the first and last session, you will be de-registered from the course. In order to obtain a grade for the course, students must attend at least 80% of the course. An absence of 2 hours (1 session) is permitted.

Teaching/learning method(s)

During the course, essential aspects of academic working will be taught and discussed with the students on the basis of specific examples and in-class activities. Students will have to work in teams and/or individual work assignments. Submission dates are pre-arranged with the class on the first day of the seminar. Individual coaching sessions are arranged with student/teams to work on specific project assignments.


The students will be assessed based on the following criteria as listed below:

· 20 % Participation in class / presentation of a task

· 40 % Teamwork – Analysing an academic text and critical assessments of research outlines/proposals

· 40 % Individual final paper (ca. 8 -10 pages after the end of course)

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

It is preferred that students have completed their 4th semester and are interested in writing their final graduating paper in English only.


Students, who are fluent in German, may refer to the book “Grundlage wissenchaftlichen Arbeitens” published by Prof. G. Jost and L.Richter.

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