The seminar is a joint-research seminar with the University of Vienna. Our guest will be Prof. Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki and her colleagues. Her main research interests are in international marketing and qualitative research methodology. She published, among others, in the Journal of International Business Studies, British Journal of Management and Journal of World Business. In 2021, Prof. Plakoyiannaki received the prestigious JIBS Decade Award for 2021.

Current and prospective doctoral/Ph.D. students have the opportunity to present their research ideas and proposed contributions. The presentations (PPP) may cover the following issues:

  • Introduction: What is the purpose of this study (with an emphasis on contribution)? Which research question(s) are addressed?
  • Theoretical background: Theory-driven explanations.
  • Hypotheses development: Based on the theoretical background, which hypotheses are derived
  • Method: Presentation of an appropriate method to analyse data. Description of the sample/ the experimental setting and the stimulus material applied.
  • Results: Brief presentation of the expected results.
  • Discussion of the results: Theoretical and practical implications + limitations.

 The seminar covers empirical as well as theoretical contributions across all fields of international marketing management. Presentations and discussions are held in English. 


    Learning outcomes

    This research seminar provides a forum for perspective and current doctoral/Ph.D. students to interact with other fellow PhD students and faculty. During the presentations, the audience will give feedback on the presented topics and offer guidance for further steps. The seminar serves as a platform for interactive scientific exchange and aims  to broaden the knowledge of participants in terms of   the latest developments in the fields of international marketing management.

    Specifically, the participants will obtain the following competences after the seminar:

    • Understand what makes a good research topic
    • Capability of writing clear and comprehensive research questions
    • Formulation of researchable hypotheses
    • Articulation of a systematic design for one's research project
    • Justification of the chosen method
    • Capability of presenting the research project
    • Identifying practical and theoretical implications
    • Identifying limitations, which contribute to further research questions

      Attendance requirements

      Please note that the attendance is mandatory. 

      Teaching/learning method(s)
      Students present their research, after which other participants and faculty will provides detailed feedback. We strongly encourage seminar participants to contribute to the discussions with own ideas and experiences. Subject to the availability of time, individual slots with faculty members are provided. This enables students to ask detailed questions. 

      Interested students should submit a two–page proposal or synopsis of their research. The synopsis should include their research question, envisaged contributions, hypotheses, and methodology.

      proposal / synopsis of research: 20%

      participation in discussions:  50%

      edited proposal / improved synopsis 30%


      Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

      Please send the title and a short description of your research prior to the seminar to 

      Recommended previous knowledge and skills
      Students, who want to participate should have research interest in international marketing or management.  Furthermore, some basic knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods are an advantage.
      Availability of lecturer(s)

      External location within an approx. 50 km radius of Vienna. Details will be published at the beginning of October 2022


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