In this seminar doctorate students will have a forum to discuss their state of research, discuss relevant related works and their research direction with colleagues and their supervisor.
Learning outcomes
Shaping and defining research questions and hypotheses, giving feedback on research to colleagues, training in presenting own research results
Attendance requirements

Since this is a seminar and mutual feedback of postgraduate students is expected, attendance is required in all sessions

Weitere Termine nach Vereinbarung/further dates (weekly) will be determined in the initial meeting.

Teaching/learning method(s)

Joint seminars with informal presentations, as well as individual meetings with the supervisor. Optionally we will include additional talks (and discussions) by guest speakers.


We will assess 

  • the quality of the research question and hypothesis 30%
  • the ability to define the advances beyond the state of the art 30%
  • impact of already achieved research results 30%
  • value of feedback given to other researchers 10%

in joint regular presentations and discussions. Each student is expected to present.

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