1626 Working in Diverse Teams
ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Regine Bendl
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09/15/22 to 09/22/22
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Wednesday 10/05/22 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM TC.4.02
Thursday 10/06/22 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM TC.4.02
Friday 10/07/22 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM TC.4.02

This course focuses on the intersection of diversity – especially in terms of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious belief and class – and culture in business and societal contexts. In order to discuss in detail these diverse phenomena based on diversity, the course is organized as block seminar. A written short paper after the course focuses on reflecting the processes in class based on scholarly results.

Learning outcomes

After attending this course, the students will be able to

  • understand processes of inclusion and exclusion based on the different diversity dimension in combination with cultural aspects
  • understand the (re)production of diversity dimensions in different cultural contexts in order to produce a strategic fit for the business context
  • demonstrate more inclusive and emphatic behavior in situations of conflict with regard to diversity and culture based on the reflection of their own stereotypes
  • combine these abilities in order to enter effectively into discussion about systems of anti-/discrimination in different contexts
Attendance requirements

Since this course is based on group discussions and group processes full attendance is required.

Teaching/learning method(s)

This course is based on presentations on theoretical approaches, case studies, videos and group discussions. A short paper after the course allows a comparison of the processes produced in class with research results.


The positive participation in the course is based on the following three compulsory elements:

  • presence in all classes
  • active participation in all classes (50%)
  • short reflection paper based on research results (50%)
Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

Registration required during the period of registration. For more information please visit the website of Cross Functional Management

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