1884 Industry Lab VIII
Univ.Prof. Dr. Stefan Pichler, Maximilian Göth, M.A., Mag. Christoph Scheuch
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09/01/22 to 09/23/22
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The Industry Lab is a project-oriented course in cooperation with an industry partner. Students have the task to apply the skills and methods they learn(ed) in the common courses of their studies to solve a specific real-life problem the industry partner demands. Usually, an Industry Lab is completed by delivering a program code and a documentation, and by presenting the result to representatives of the industry partner company.

Learning outcomes

The industry labs contribute to the students’ ability to:

  • understand, analyze and solve complex real-life financial problems using mathematical and statistical models
  • use mathematical and statistical methods and computational procedures for financial decision-making
  • know how to handle financial market data and information systems in theory and practice
  • develop and apply computational processes for solving finance-related problems
  • translate theory into practical decision-making.Moreover, they foster students’ ability to:
  • work well in teams and participate actively in problem-solving processes
  • organize themselves in relation to group work including presentation and report writing skills.
  • work under the pressure of deadlines
  • critically evaluate and analyze risks of financial instruments using current models and methods
Attendance requirements

Full attendance is compulsory. This means that students should attend at least 80% of all lectures, at most one lecture can be missed.

Teaching/learning method(s)

In small groups (three students/group), students work together on industry projects with selected corporate partners.Each lab is supervised by a WU faculty member and project leader(s) of the corporate partner.The course delivery varies depending on the particular industry lab.


The assessment will be based on the following deliverables:

  • Final report
  • Intermediate presentations
  • Active participations

All items are weighted equally. The project results will be assessed with respect to academic quality, practical relevance and project management skills.

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

Successful completion of

  • Mathematics I, and
  • Financial Markets and Instruments
Availability of lecturer(s)
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