5101 Course V - Service Valuation
Dr. Hanna Karoliina Koivulehto
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02/16/23 to 02/27/23
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Notes to the course
The subject "Specialization in Business Administration Course V - Finance" will be held in the summer semester 2023 for the last time.
Day Date Time Room
Friday 04/14/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM TC.4.17
Friday 05/12/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM TC.4.17
Friday 06/02/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM TC.4.17

· Resolve a case study situated in the banking industry

· Exercise utilizing financial valuation methods in practice

· Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative criteria to prepare an in-/outsourcing decision

· Analysis of the impact of national and international regulation on the financial industry

· This course is held in collaboration with UBS, a Swiss-headquartered global bank

Learning outcomes

· Utilize financial valuation methods on investments, especially to value services

· Understand internal, macroeconomic, and regulatory drivers on the business model of commercial banks

Attendance requirements

· Participation is mandatory throughout the entire course, i.e., during all meetings

· Excused non-participation is accepted (for a maximum of 2 sessions) for health reasons or an overlapping exam (evidence required)

· This lecture is targeted to be held in-person this semester, assuming then prevailing pandemic-driven local regulations permit class-room sessions.

Teaching/learning method(s)

· This is a blocked course, i.e., 3 sessions spread accross the semester

· Team-based project work : The case study is to be solved through small teams, each of which has different objectives and target achievement depends on interaction between the teams

· Presentations of intermediate and final results


· Assessment of the team deliverables (presentations) – 40%

· Documentation supporting the results (calculations, research) – 30%

· Individual participation during the sessions – 30%

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

Positive completion of Course I and Course II

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Recommended previous knowledge and skills

· Basic knowledge of financial mathematics (e.g., payment discounting methods, the time value of money concepts) is expected from all participants

· Valuation methods (calculation of Discounted Cash Flows, Par Values, Free Cash Flows, …)

Availability of lecturer(s)

Contact exclusively by e-mail:

  • This course is offered in co-operation with the Swiss-based global bank UBS (
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