This seminar deals with global strategy and organizational questions in the context of internationally operating firms and organizations.

This includes topics such as

  • strategic problem solving,
  • corporate intervention behavior,
  • headquarters structures and value added,
  • corporate behavior and decision making in the context of corporate-startup collaborations,
  • new entrepreneurial ventures and their internationlization
  • organizational control mechanisms

Offers PhD Students a forum to discuss their concepts, research proposals or paper ideas.

Selected additional papers will be added and discussed during the course.

1-2 guest lectures will also be added to the course at a later stage.

Learning outcomes

After the completion of the seminar the students should be able

  • to categorize their dissertation project into the themes of the field
  • to identify relevant literature for their dissertation project
  • to define next steps in their dissertation projects, and
  • to present their dissertation project, paper idea, or research question to a scientific audience
  • to discuss and criticize research projects - their empirical design, analysis, theoretical stringency, conceptual clarity, and overall contribution.



Attendance requirements

As this course format heavily relies on personal interaction between students and faculty, presence in sessions is mandatory.

Teaching/learning method(s)

The participants present their own dissertation project, take an active part in the scientific discussion, and develop a written contribution.



33%individual participation and contributions to discussion

33%individual presention and question handling after the presentation 

34%quality of the presentation document



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Availability of lecturer(s)

Institute for International Business

Building D1/3rd floor

Phone: 01-31336-4318


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