0687 Integration Management with SAP ECC: Implementation Project
Domenica Bagnato, B.A.,M.A.
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09/12/23 to 10/31/23
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Saturday 11/04/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM LC.2.064 PC Raum
Saturday 11/18/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM LC.2.064 PC Raum
Saturday 11/25/23 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM LC.2.064 PC Raum
This subject re-enforces the lessons learnt in the course "Integration Management with SAP ECC: An Introduction to Logistics and Controlling" (Kurs 4).

A complex case study is implemented by students in project groups of 2-3 students, which combines accounting, production, and logistics processes of a manufacturing company.
Learning outcomes
  • Master data for the MRP process: Implementation of the organizational structure, materials master and material planning, product structure, cost centre planning and work centres, linkage between cost accounting and production/logistics, work centres and their capacity, routings.
  • MRP and accounting: Deriving sales projections and primary requirements, MRP, planned production orders and purchase requisitions, customizing the MRP process, linking MRP to accounting.
  • Procurement logistics and accounting: Master data in procurement, information records, processing the purchase requisitions produced by the MRP run and deriving purchase orders; delivery and billing of the items ordered.
  • Production planning and control: Entering and checking production orders, lot splitting/summarizing, capacity planning and smoothing; process-oriented customizing with respect to scheduling, availavility check, calculation schemes, and order execution/confirmation.
  • Sales logistics and revenue accounting: Selling items, price determination, accounting, inventory management, customer management (credit limit, customer-specific discounts, etc.).
  • Specific Teaching Strategies: Interactive, problem-based lectures and seminars will demonstrate the linkages between concept and practise for the above-mentioned processes through illustrating in real-time how these matters can be implemented in SAP ECC.
  • Entity Relationship Models for master data entry and Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs) for operational processes will help students to navigate through the ECC system and to see the link between the concept to be implemented and the actual information system. The students will prepare a case study which combines the production, logistics, and the project-oriented processes of an industrial company.
Attendance requirements

Maximum absence time allowed in class: 2 hours. The lecturer has to be informed in advance. Students are obliged to perform the steps in the case study implementation they missed independently.

Teaching/learning method(s)
A comprehensive case study will be impemented independently by students in groups of two or three students. This case study will emulate a real-world implementation project. 

Assessment will be based upon case study implementation:
  • Cost accounting 20%
  • MRP master data 20%
  • MM/PP customizing 20%
  • SOP and MRP 20%
  • Operational MM/PP processes 20%


(1)    Excellent: 90% - 100%

(2)    Good: 80% - <90%

(3)    Satisfactory: 70% - <80%

(4)    Sufficient: 60% - <70%

(5)    Fail: <60%

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

If you want to attend this course, you have to enroll and attend Course IV Integration Management with SAP ECC: An Introduction to Controlling and Logistics in the same semester!

Kurs IV Integration Management with SAP ECC: An Introduction to Controlling and Logistics

is the basis for the following two courses (Kurs V)

  • 0755- Integration Management wth SAP ECC: Implementation Project or
  • 0773- Project Management with SAP




SAP based courses must be done together in the same semester!


Registration for this course is not done via LPIS but in the following way:

After registration for course IV (via LPIS) you will receive an email with a doodle link. There you "register" for either "0755 - Implementation Project" (16 places available) or "0773 - Project Management with SAP" (14 places available). This registration is COMPULSORY! The first-come-first-serve principle is applied. The final registration is done by the Institute for Production Management. 


It is not possible to only register for Kurs IV without attending an appropriate Kurs V. If this happens, the student is unsubscribed from Kurs IV and Kurs V. 


In each course there must be at least 10 students, otherwise the course must be cancelled.

If you recognized this course from an exchange Semester, you cannot attend either of the two aforementioned courses V.


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