1690 Revolutionize Digital Marketing Techniques with AI & Smart Tools: Convert Customers to Raving Fan
Bettina Wittmann
Weekly hours
Language of instruction
09/14/23 to 09/21/23
Registration via LPIS
Notes to the course
Day Date Time Room
Monday 12/04/23 10:00 AM - 01:30 PM TC.4.02
Monday 12/04/23 02:30 PM - 06:00 PM TC.5.16
Tuesday 12/05/23 12:00 PM - 03:30 PM TC.5.28
Tuesday 12/05/23 04:30 PM - 08:00 PM D2.0.382
Thursday 12/07/23 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM TC.3.09
Tuesday 12/12/23 05:00 PM - 05:30 PM Online-Einheit
Tuesday 12/19/23 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM Online-Einheit

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is providing a comprehensive customer journey experience with shrinking budgets and increased costs, competing against big players with larger budgets available. Marketers need to invest more resources than ever to compete in an increasingly competitive and cross-border market that demands a multi-channel approach and smart budgeting. AI and smart tools offer a solution. As the strategist, optimizer, and manager of campaigns, you'll have these digital helpers to execute and improve your marketing efforts and campaigns.

"The "Revolutionize Digital Marketing Techniques with AI & Smart Tools: Convert Customers to Raving Fans" course is part of the specialization (SBWL) and provides a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing fundamentals, practical applications, and the integration of AI and smart tools to fulfill those. It covers key concepts, implications for brands in digital environments, and fundamental differences in customer interaction and engagement.

Additionally, the course explores various digital marketing instruments that can help you attract, nurture, and convert prospects, making them advocates for your company. The aim is to equip students with the skills needed to analyze, build, and improve digital marketing campaigns using state-of-the-art tools to make informed marketing and business decisions and execute marketing campaigns in a real-life environment.

Learning outcomes

Course Structure:

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • Overview of digital marketing landscape
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Trends and emerging technologies

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • Understanding customer behavior in the digital age
  • Target audience identification and segmentation
  • Crafting effective digital marketing strategies

AI & Smart Tools in Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to AI & smart tools and its applications in marketing
  • Leveraging AI for personalized marketing
  • Content creation and automation with smart tools
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns with smart tools

Digital Marketing Campaign Planning

  • Designing a digital marketing campaign using AI and smart tools
  • Setting campaign objectives and KPIs
  • Budgeting and resource allocation

Digital Marketing Campaign Execution

  • Analyzing successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Applying AI and smart tools in campaign execution
  • Monitoring and optimizing campaign performance


Final Project: Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Students will develop and execute a digital marketing campaign for a specific industry or company, incorporating AI and smart tools.
  • The campaign will include the use of AI-generated copy, visuals, and other elements.



Raphael Schaad, founder of AI Training Institute

I'm excited to share that Raphael Schaad, founder of the 'AI Training Institute,' will be delivering a guest lecture this term. His 'AI Crash Course' has already introduced over 70,000 participants to the application of AI tools. The Institute offers online courses like the 'ChatGPT Poweruser Kurs' and the 'AI Image Masterclass.' Their flagship offering, however, is the 'AI Explorer Club,' a premium community with over 1,000 members, establishing it as the largest German-speaking AI community. Beyond courses, they also offer certifications such as the 'Certified AI Trainer' program, which aids entrepreneurs and professionals in integrating artificial intelligence into their careers. Additionally, the Institute curates the 'KI zum Kaffee' newsletter, which summarizes weekly AI news every Saturday and includes an AI tool of the week, a ChatGPT prompt, and a Midjourney prompt.

Attendance requirements

According to WU rules, you have to attend 80% of the sessions in this course. This means you can miss one class. 

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course integrates various teaching methods such as interactive lectures, class discussions, group work, and a digital marketing (DM) challenge. The DM challenge offers students the opportunity to put digital marketing into life and to translate the concepts and content discussed throughout the course into an operational marketing campaign.

Substantial classroom discussion is encouraged and expected. Attendance and participation in class discussions are critical to the success of the course. Classes will begin on time so do not arrive late. Students are required to turn in assignments at their scheduled times.


Course materials:

  • Take the status quo & outcome quiz one week before the first class
  • Daily student packages including reading assignments, course slides, datasets, case questions for the respective days will be provided via the Canvas@wu platform in due course.
  • Filled in status quo & outcome questionnaire 1 week before first class started (11%)
  • In class participation (14%) - 1 % per class attendance, 1 % per class extra per outstanding class-participation
  • Mini-Presentation of different instruments (best practice examples) (10%) 
  • Final marketing campaign (65%)

According to WU rules, you have to attend 80% of the sessions in this course. In case you can‘t come to class, you don’t have to send us an email since your attendance will be monitored in every session.

Your in-class participation will be a combination of how often you’ve interacted in class with questions and the quality of your comments. You will have multiple opportunities to contribute in class participation.

Overall             Points Grade
90-100             1.0
80-89               2.0
70-79               3.0
60-69               4.0
Below 60         5.0

Since this course is taking place for the first time, we reserve the right to make small changes, which will be communicated in a timely manner.

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

This course is designed as a an additional component for students of the WU's Bachelor program spezializaiton (SBWL) in Digital Marketing. It is recommended to have attended Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Reutterer and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nadia Abou Nabout as this course resulted of the digital marketing course. Admittance to the SBWL is a prerequisite for successful participation of the course. For more information on how to obtain admission to the SBWL visit the program's website.


Please log in with your WU account to use all functionalities of read!t. For off-campus access to our licensed electronic resources, remember to activate your VPN connection connection. In case you encounter any technical problems or have questions regarding read!t, please feel free to contact the library at

Recommended previous knowledge and skills

Please make sure that you have access to all course materials via Canvas@WU! Also, please monitor your WU email address regularly as I'll be sending some (additional) information from time to time and answer your questions via emails.

For details about when to prepare what, see the tentative course schedule that will be give some more detailed information before the semester starts!

Availability of lecturer(s)

I am happy to answer your questions so feel free to send me a short email if you would like to talk to me in person. However I check my WU emails 1-2 a week, depending on deadlines and homework coming up. Additionally you can send me an email to

I will also try to be available in the classroom after each class or during the breaks of each class. Please do not expect that I answer long emails with numerous questions to topics of the class or that is answered here!

Please always check the Syllabus first (PDF version) or the slides uploaded to Canvas. However, I’m happy to discuss questions in class.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is X due? (Deadlines)
If not communicated differently during class or within an email you have to check the Syllabus and provided materials. 

I’m missing class.. is this a problem?
According to WU rules, you have to attend 80% of the sessions in this course. This means you have to attend 6 lessons. 

I will be late for the class.. is this a problem?
According to WU rules, you have to attend 80% of the sessions in this course. If you’re late because of another class, exam, or because you’re sick then this is fine as long as it won’t affect the flow of the course and it should be the exception, not the norm! 

I forgot to…can you reopen….?
If you forgot to check a checkbox or you have issues during an upload and you communicate this immediately (e.g. right away or within 12 hours after due time) via email, then we can make an exception. After that I’m sorry but you’ve missed your chance.

When will the grades be uploaded?
We upload grades usually within a few days after each deadline. After that your grade is final.

I’m missing X points to improve my grade, is there anything I can do?
If you forgot to check a checkbox or upload a task and you don’t communicate this immediately, then we also can’t make an exception at the end or later during the course. All information and grades are given to you in time.

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