1758 Relevance of Marketing for Business
Assoz.Prof PD Dr. Ulrike Kaiser, Elitsa Kostadinova, MSc (WU)
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08/31/23 to 09/24/23
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This class is only offered in winter semesters.
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Wednesday 09/27/23 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM TC.2.01
Thursday 09/28/23 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM TC.2.01
Friday 09/29/23 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM D3.0.225

This course constitutes the official kick-off event for the 2023 class of the MSc Marketing program. There will be multiple opportunities to get introduced to the program structure, the various studying facilities at WU, your future classmates and faculty members.

The course will include a marketing business case. The case analysis and the discussions around the case as well as other team building elements will give you the opportunity to get organized, to work in teams, to engage with your future classmates, and to get to know each other.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be familiarized with the scope and objectives of the MSc Program in Marketing, as well as with the logic behind the course structure. They will also have developed their ability to analyze a business case, to discuss the case material and assignment questions in teams, and to communicate their findings in class.

Students will also have trained their ability to quickly structure ideas and presentations (both as individuals and as a member of a team) and the ability to process information quickly and efficiently in order to form a coherent argument.

Attendance requirements

Attendance is absolutely mandatory. Essential information on your upcoming two-years studies in the MSc Marketing program will be given during this course (and ONLY during this course).

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course uses a mix of interactive lectures, class discussions, and student presentations to create a collaborative, open, and friendly atmosphere. Team building elements and group discussions are an integral part of the course.


Students will be assessed based on their in-class contributions (40%), one group presentation on an in-class assignment (30%), and an individual post-course reflection paper (30%).

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

This course is exclusively designed for the 2023 class of the MSc Marketing program. Thus, admission and enrollment into the program is a mandatory requirement for course participation.


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Recommended previous knowledge and skills

Although there are no specific formal requirements of previous marketing knowledge to be admitted to the MSc Program in Marketing, this course expects students to have at least a general understanding of basic marketing concepts. Students who have not specialized in marketing during their prior studies are recommended to consult an introductory text to acquire a basic understanding of the marketer’s perspective on the business world.

A useful introductory text is:

Kotler, Philip; Keller, Kevin Lane (2009): Framework for Marketing Management. 4th ed., Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0136026605

This textbook is a concise version of Philip Kotler’s top-selling book 'Marketing Management'. So, if the original version (13th edition, also co-authored with Kevin Keller) is available to you, this would also perfectly match with the course requirements. Both authors are extremely renowned in the field of marketing and having a copy of this book at hand for future references is certainly not a bad idea.

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