This course covers presentation and discussion of topics related to individual dissertations. Students are trained to present their work at scientific conferences. They receive feedback regarding their individual dissertation projects. In addition, journal articles in the area of digital marketing & social media and other topics of scientific practice are discussed. Specific topics are determined in the first session and will reflect the specific needs of participants.

Learning outcomes

This course focuses on research in the area of digital marketing & social media, which is typically located at the interface of marketing and information systems.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. define a research problem in the area of digital marketing & social media that is novel, non-trivial to solve, and relevant and outline the contribution of the paper;
  2. solve their research questions empirically using large amounts of data (the area of digital marketing & social media is a big data domain);
  3. present results at scientific conferences;
  4. write-up and polish the paper;
  5. manage the review process.
Attendance requirements

You need to attend at least 80% of all classes to pass the course (no matter online or physical session). Note that this course benefits from the chance to engage with other PhD students and obtain additional perspectives.

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course uses a combination of student presentations of own dissertation projects, inputs on aspects of academic practice, and joint discussion and review of journal articles in the area of digital marketing & social media.

  1. Preparation and active participation (10%);
  2. Quality of own presentations with regard to scientific quality and presentation skills (70%);
  3. Quality of contribution in reviewing scientific work (20%).

For this course we have the following scale:

  • < 60%                               fail (5)
  • 60% bis 69,99%               sufficient (4)
  • 70% bis 79,99%               satisfactory (3)
  • 80% bis 89,99%               good (2)
  • >= 90%                             excellent (1)
Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists
  • Admission to doctoral or PhD program
  • Topical fit (if in doubt, please contact Prof. Dr. Abou Nabout)

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Availability of lecturer(s)

Prof. Dr. Nadia Abou Nabout;; +43 1 31336 4900

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