2237 Skills for International Business Communication
Anna Golovko, B.A.,M.A.
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Weekly hours
Language of instruction
09/25/23 to 10/06/23
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Notes to the course
Day Date Time Room
Thursday 10/12/23 11:45 AM - 04:15 PM TC.5.04
Thursday 10/19/23 11:45 AM - 04:15 PM D3.0.237
Thursday 11/02/23 11:45 AM - 04:15 PM EA.5.040
Thursday 11/09/23 11:45 AM - 04:15 PM TC.5.04
Thursday 11/16/23 11:45 AM - 04:15 PM TC.5.04

In this course you will develop your intercultural negotiation skills by means of simulations, group presentations, and roleplays. You will also learn how to negotiate in an audience-oriented way without falling into stereotypes.

Learning outcomes
  • Reflect on mono- and multilingual negotiations and propose improvement strategies
  • Prepare for intercultural negotiations
  • Adapt your negotiation style to the target audience
  • recognize negotiation tricks and counteract them
  • Recognize differences in business practices and propose solution strategies/compromises
  • Search for interpreters and work with them efficiently before and during negotiations
Attendance requirements

As this is a class held in a PI format, attendance is required at least 80% of the time, but recommended for the entirety of the course, especially it applies to sessions when simulations/presentations take place.

Teaching/learning method(s)

This course will be held in a highly interactive format and include various simulations, presentations and roleplays.

  • Self-introduction (5%)
  • Short group presentation (ca. 10 min) (15%)
  • Ad hoc group simulation (ca. 90 min) (20%)
  • Prepared group simulation (ca. 90 min) (20%) + individual written reflection (30%)
  • Quizzes every session (10%)
Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

Course 1 („Key Concepts“) of the Specialization must have been completed successfully. Courses 2-4 are not technically required, but it is strongly recommended that students have attended at least two of those classes.


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Recommended previous knowledge and skills

You are expected to have good written and spoken English skills, but you are not required to translate or interpret anything.

Availability of lecturer(s)

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