This course allows the student to present and discuss the progress of doctoral research, available research methodologies and relevant literature with the supervisor and peer doctoral students.

Learning outcomes

 By the end of this course students should be able to better

  • present, discuss and defend central aspects of their dissertation theses,
  • accept and understand other views and theoretical angles,
  • appreciate the range of research methods and epistemologies,
  • understand the application of methods in different contexts,
  • and appraise the stage of their research relative to other doctoral projects.

Attendance requirements

At least 80% of all announced class-level units need to be attended to pass the course (online or physical presence required). Participation in individual-level units is voluntary.

Teaching/learning method(s)

The course will be conducted in block mode and its design will depend on the requirements of the student. There will be a number of meetings to discuss the current progress and the problems to be tackled to advance the research project. These will be followed by group based presentations and discussion meetings. Individual meetings with the supervisor are a planned component of this course. The whole course is intended to be highly interactive.

The course will focus on formative assessment as part of the instructional process to help the student develop the dissertation thesis further towards its completion. Formative assessment means to involve the student in the assessment to inform both the student and the supervisor. In the process feedback will be provided to the student to stipulate learning. It has no point value to support formal grading. 


Summative assessment (to allow for formal grading) is achieved through (i) presenting an original research design, research progress or results depending on the state of the dissertation (80%). In addition, those who gain 6 ECTS by taking this course also need to submit a short paper, which are usually self-contained parts of the dissertation. Summative assessment is further achieved for all enrolled students by (ii) monitoring attendance (10%) and (iii) the progress made during the term (10%), which is assessed by determining planned progress at the start of the term and matching it against achieved progress at the end of the term.


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