1. Presentation, in-depth discussion, and reflection of the individual dissertation projects

2. Presentations / input / lectures by researchers of the institutes (NPO and PM&G) as well as other researchers on central research questions in the areas of public and nonprofit management.

3. Group and individual reflection on academic careers and scientific impact, both academically and practically

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the participants should have dealt with the recent concepts, theories, challenges, and findings in the scientific areas of nonprofit and public management and governance; Have a profound insight in the academic process, with tips and feedback on efficiently and effectively publishing the output of their own dissertation work;

know the central rules of the game for research work and be able to apply them to their own dissertation; have gained knowledge for further proceedings by presenting and discussing their own dissertation project

Attendance requirements

Continuous attendance is required.

This course will take place from 20.-21.06.2024 at an external location (tba).

Participants in this course must pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Teaching/learning method(s)

Lectures, presentations, discussions


Presentation of the own dissertation project (40%), feedback on lectures (30%), discussion/ reflection and active participation (30%)

If this course is completed within the framework of a 6 ECTS module, the assessment items must also be submitted in written form

Prerequisites for participation and waiting lists

This course is primarily for doctoral students within the Institutes (Nonprofit Management, Public Management & Governance).


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This course will be held in English

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