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  • 2,5G+ rule
    • During the next week, Monday 24 January - Saturday 29 January 2022, the 2,5G+ rule will apply to all presence examinations and courses. In order to take part in an exam on campus next week (incl. large-scale exams), the proof of a negative PCR test result not older than 48 hours is required. This proof is required for all teachers and students alike.
      • If you can provide plausible proof of a missing PCR result, a negative antigen test not older than 24 hours can be submitted instead. For recovered persons with a still positive PCR test result, participation in examinations is possible if you can prove a PCR test result (not older than 48 hours) with a Ct value > 30.
      • Students are requested to bring printed versions of all 2,5G+ certificates with them.
    • There will be centralised controls in front of the TC building. Hence, it is only possible to enter the building with a negative PCR test result. All in-person examinations that do not take place in TC building require decentralised controls.
  • When holding lectures and exams on-campus, all security measures still apply, in particular the mandatory FFP2 mask, check of 2.5G proofs and the WU Check-in.
    • Students must also wear FFP2 masks at all times in the classrooms.