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This website is continously updated.

Winter semester 2021/22

The winter semester 2021/22 is to be planned as a hybrid semester again, but with the distinct goal to offer significantly more teaching on campus.

  • Classrooms are very well booked. Thus, after the course announcement, it is not possible for the teaching organisation to implement any major rebookings.
  • In the open phase (and thereafter) you can make bookings yourself via Rooms; the usual booking regulations apply.
  • Courses with more than 65 participants, the large-scale examination weeks, STEOP and CBK courses are held according to their current announcement status.
  • All other courses and examinations that booked rooms during course announcements can be held on campus - in accordance with the respective safety regulations.

Communication with students will be launched.

What do you have to do before the start of the semester?
  • The eVVZ will go online on July 5th 2021, please enter your course information by then (if not already done).
  • Due to a new legal regulation, you have to disclose the form of delivery, dates, teaching/learning methods and assessment criteria of courses and examinations by September 30th. After that, changes can only be made for compelling reasons, in which case students would have the option of withdrawing from the course without any consequences.

If you have questions you can send an email to However, our colleagues also need to get some rest, so response times may be longer due to holidays, and we will not be able to provide central support for online or on-campus examinations from July 17th to August 29th