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On-Campus Exam

This information does not apply, because of the further restrictions of the campus activities. (December 7th, 2020)

Exams in the examinations week

The responsible colleagues plan all examinations that are held during the examinations week.

On campus exams (beside examinations week)

All attendance examinations are planned with hygiene intervals.
This results in the following examination places per lecture hall:

Examination rooms in compliance with the hygiene measures
Disgnation seats 1m distance
Audimax 118
Hörsaal TC 0.01 33
Hörsaal TC 0.02 42
Hörsaal TC 0.03 43
Hörsaal TC 0.04 43
Hörsaal TC 1.01 26
Hörsaal TC 1.02 26
Hörsaal TC 2.01 23
Hörsaal TC 2.02 25
D5.001 44
Festsaal 1 78
Festsaal 2 44

The examination places in all classrooms < 120 (except PC rooms) correspond to the seats listed in lecture hall list considering hygienic distances.

Important information on holding examinations on campus:

General safety measures:

  • A face mask must be worn by all persons in the room during the entire time, i.e. also at the seat/lecture desk.
  • Please also do not forget to document the exact seats of everyone for contact tracing.
  • Dispensers for hand disinfection are located in the entrance area of every building. All sanitary facilities are equipped with disinfectant soap.
  • Hygiene stations for disinfecting surfaces are located in all buildings with classrooms (on each floor in the area of the sanitary facilities).   
  • Dispensers with disinfectant wipes are available at the lecterns in each teaching room. These should be used to disinfect the keyboard, touch screen and mouse, among other things, before starting your course unit. Please see the instructions on the lectern for this.
  • In coordination with campus management, the cleaning intervals of the classrooms have been increased. Depending on the requirements, the classrooms are cleaned 3 times a day.

For the entrance areas of the LC and the TC, one-way regulations have been established and guidance systems have been marked in order to make sure that the recommended safety distances can be maintained when entering and leaving the buildings.

During oral examinations
  • For oral examinations, a distance of at least two metres between examiners and candidates is required.
  • Oral examinations must be held in public. Hence, the number of possible audiences must be determined in accordance with the minimum distance (1 metre) and the maximum occupancy of the examination room.
  • Each candidate must bring his / her own writing utensils.
  • If possible (taking into account outside noise and the weather), the windows in the respective examination rooms should be left open. Otherwise, please air out the room after each examination.
  • If a student appears to be ill, you, as the examiner, are entitled to dismiss that person from the examination. If the student refuses to leave, you are entitled to cancel the examination. Please make notes on this incident and report it to, as we must forward such suspected cases (anonymised) to the Ministry.
During a written examination
  • Please make sure that students only use the places marked in green during a course or examination. Remind students in the classrooms to keep a minimum distance from their colleagues.
  • Students must enter the examination with a face masks and their own writing utensils, as well as a student identity card / photo ID.
  • Please note that there must be at least one supervisor present in each classroom / auditorium.
  • We kindly ask you not to carry out any checks (e.g. identity checks) directly in front of the classroom / auditorium. Please make sure that these checks are carried out promptly in order to avoid an unnecessary crowding in front of the respective building entrances or classrooms and event rooms. Identity checks - for example – can be carried out when all students are seated in the classroom (on the marked chairs, observing the appropriate distances).
  • Attendance lists including the documentation of seating must be kept for examinations too. It is recommended that the supervisors carry out the documentation during the identity check in the classroom / auditorium, in the form of a remark next to the students' names on the attendance list. Please do not have students write down their seat number on the exam. If this information needs to be gathered if contact tracing is necessary, too much time would pass.
  • If it is not possible to clearly identify the student during the identity checks, the student may be asked to remove the face mask briefly.
  • If a student appears to be ill, the examiner / supervisor is entitled to dismiss that person from the examination. If the student refuses to leave, the examiner / supervisor is entitled to cancel the examination. Please make notes on this incident and report it to, as we must forward such suspected cases (anonymised) to the Ministry.