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These Checklists are at your disposal for further additions as PDF or as a Word-File.

Before the exam
  1. Inform your students about the exam
  2. Apply for an online exam date
  3. Enter the date and time of the exam in the calendar in the online exam environment
  4. Create the exam in the online exam environment
  5. Set up the gradebook, if necessary, with a grading key
  6. Answer the question of the students before the exam
  7. Check the identities of the students in the online exam environment
  8. For the examination statement , enter as “end time” the starting time of the written exam
  9. Release the examination statement 30 minutes before the start of the exam
  10. Release the exam 30 minutes before the start of the exam
During the exam
  • Students start the exam
  • Answer the questions of your students
  • If there are problems in the exam, communicate this to all students
  • After the end of the exam, you can view the exams of the students
After the exam
  1. Check, if the students have submitted the Examination Statement
  2. View the exams of the students, and, if applicable, grade the answers. Then, release the grading.
  3. Check the results of the automated online supervision (if applicable)
  4. Transfer the assessment into the gradebook of the online exam environment
  5. Export the grades from the gradebook in MyLEARN and import them into BACH
  6. Then, proceed as before (Publication of grades, Filling out of the logs/Ergebnisprotokoll, examination report, accounting protocol)
  7. Upon request, grant students the possibility to view the corrected exam