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Educational technology in the course rooms

You can use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or the web streaming in the lecture halls to conduct your course in synchronous hybrid mode.

  • Microsoft Teams in the course rooms enables online participants to take part in the course interactively, for example to ask questions or take part in surveys.
  • Zoom also enables online participants to have their say. Additionally, they can participate in scheduled group assignments during the lecture.
  • You can use the regular web streaming, as well. This is recommended for lectures without student interaction. If you use web streaming, students can raise points via the MyLEARN chat. Further information about web streaming is available via the MyLEARN guide.

Please note the following steps if you want to use the mentioned educational technologies in the course room:

At the beginning of the lecture

  1. Borrow the equipment provided for this purpose from the IT Service Desk in the TC.
  2. Start the system in the course room and adjust your microphone and - if necessary - the webcam.
  3. Ask the students in the course room to deactivate the loudspeaker and the microphone of their laptops to avoid acoustic feedback.
  4. Start the meeting in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  5. Make sure that the online participants are muted and alert them about this fact.
  6. Inform the online participants how they can speak up:
    1. They can use the virtual hand.
    2. They can publish questions and suggestions in the meeting chat.

At the end of the lecture

  1. End the meeting in Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  2. Sign out of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and of the Computer in the course room.
  3. Return the equipment immediately after the lecture.

Support & assistance

In case transmission problems occur while working with Microsoft Teams or Zoom, please contact the IT assistants (AV-Hotline: 01 31336 3003).

For suggestions, comments, or feedback, please send an e-mail to

Regarding the use of Microsoft Teams and Zoom, webinars are offered. You can find them at Qualification and Services.