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COVID 19 cases among students & contact tracing

Procedure in case of (suspected) cases amongst students

In coordination with the responsible authorities, processes have been developed for dealing with suspected and confirmed cases of illness as well as for active contact tracing / tracking.

All the information is available for students as well – on the corresponding Corona pages for students. In addition, flyers on how to behave on campus and in case of a suspected or confirmed illness will be available on the entire campus.

Student feels ill on campus / in a course
  • The student should leave the campus immediately with a mask on, call the health hotline 1450 or the family doctor, follow the instructions and do not return to Campus WU until the suspicion has been dispelled. In addition, he / she should report at as a suspected case.
  • If a student appears to be ill, you as the lecturer are entitled to dismiss him/her from the course unit. If the student refuses to leave, you are entitled to cancel the course unit. Please make notes on this incident and report it to, as we must forward such suspected cases (anonymised) to the Ministry.
A student approaches you as a suspected case
  • The student is not supposed to come to Campus WU, and – If not already done – he/she is to call the health hotline 1450 or the family doctor and follow the instructions. In addition, he / she should report to as a suspected case.
Student reports as a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • If a student has tested positive, he/she should fill out the COVID-19 registration form immediately so that contact tracing can be started at WU.
  • With regard to any compulsory attendance of your course(s), these notifications are to be regarded as important reasons for absences as defined by the examination regulations and the regulations for conducting courses and examinations due to COVID-19.

Contact tracing in case of a COVID-19 infection of a student

As the supervisor of a course, the Vice Rectorate for Academic Programs & Student Affairs (VRLS) will contact you as soon as a student in one of your courses reports to WU as having tested positive, or if the responsible health authority reports the case to WU.

In such a case, we will ask you to provide us with documentation of the students' attendance including seat numbers for the attendance units of a particular course for a specific period within 24 hours. If you are saving attendance lists always up-to-date on LEARN, you can simply inform us and we will access them ourselves. In any case, we kindly ask for your understanding that we will not communicate the name of the student(s) for reasons of data protection. As we first have to check whether the student has actually been in your classroom within the relevant period, we ask you not to pass on any information to students or take any action on your own at this point in time.

If the student who has fallen ill has indeed attended a unit of your course during the relevant period, we will inform you as soon as possible. Based on your documentation of attendance and seating arrangements, we will differentiate between contacts of category I (high risk) and contacts of category II (low risk) in accordance with official contact tracing and in coordination with the responsible health authority. Irrespective of this distinction, you and all other contact persons at WU are kindly requested not to come to Campus WU for the time recommended by the public health department (currently 14 days after the last contact).

Since we are obliged to submit information to the public health authorities (§ 5 Abs 3 Epidemic Law 1950), the public health authorities may of course contact you themselves and take further action.

We will inform the student's direct contact person(s) as part of the contact tracing. In the event of a positive case, you will receive information on all the important steps as well as an e-mail template for your students, which you can of course supplement with specific information for your course(s).