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Create written online exams

The editor in MyLEARN allows you to visualise questions and answer alternatives in manifold ways. More information is available via the MyLEARN-Guide.

If you want to embed videos, it is recommended to upload the video directly as a media file and not to link to it or to embed it. If you link to a video or embed it from an external source there is a risk that the original source can no longer be accessed at the time of the exam.

Inform the students of the planned use of videos or audio files, so they can check the audio settings of their computer in advance.

  • The questions in the pool folder have to be published. Any unpublished questions in a pool folder will not be used for your proxy questions.
  • If you add several proxy questions that point to the same pool folder, it is possible that students may get the same question several times.
  • It is possible that different students may get the same question. The more questions there are in a pool folder, the more likely it is that everyone gets a different question.
  • Make sure that the proxy questions are attributed correctly in case you move the proxy questions or the pool folder.

More information is available via the MyLEARN-Guide at "How can I create proxy questions?".


For doing so, use the study module "topic-wrap up-assessment" and make the following settings:

  • At "Learning Outcomes", enter "performance assessment".
  • From the overview of all contents, remove the separator elements "Topic", "Wrap up" and "Assessment".
  • Create a Multiple Choice Question.
  • At the tab (for selecting exercise or assignment), choose assignment.
  • Now, you can enter a time limit in minutes. The smallest time limit is 1 minute.
  • You can also enter points (for grading) and an edit time.

The Edit Time defines on the basis of starting time and end time in which period of time an exam or single questions can be processed or started by the students. The students have to submit the exam or the questions before the set end time. If you have set the end time as 12:00, the edit time for students already ends at 11:59:59.

The Time Limit (timer) defines by minutes how much time students have to work on an assignment. As soon as students have startet the assignment, a countdown starts running and shows the remaining minutes. Within this period of time the students can submit the assignment.

If you set an edit time and a time limit in the same time, the deadline for the submission is based on the time limit. Therefore, it is recommended not to set the same time for edit time and time limit, as shown in the following example:

  • Edit time: 01.11.2020 11:00 AM - 01.11.2020 12:00 PM
  • Time limit (timer): 60 minutes
  • In this case, students only have 59 minutes instead of 60 minutes time to process and submit the assignment.

The edit time should be entered as a longer period than the time as the following example shows:

  • Edit time: 01.11.2020 11:00 AM - 01.11.2020 12:05 PM
  • Time limit (timer): 60 minutes
  • In this case, students have 60 minutes time to work on the assignment, no matter, if they start at 11 AM or at 11:02 AM.

Depending on the learning activity, the system behaves in different ways:

Sample Exam with closed-ended question types:

  • If students click on the buttons "Next" or "Submit" after the time expires, only those inputs are submitted that are saved or submitted within the time limit.
    • The status of the submission is "submitted". In the submission field, there is the additional information "late submission".
  • If "Submit" or "Continue" was not clicked at all, all replies that were saved or sent within the time limit are automatically submitted by the system.
    • The status of the submission is "submitted", with the additional information "Automated submission by the system".

Grading of the Sample Exam is based on the points for submitted answers. All replies which were not submitted are counted as negative.

Assignment with option "Save as Draft":

  • If the button "submit" is clicked after the expiration of the time limit, the saved draft is submitted.
    • The status of the submission is "submitted". In the submission field, there is the additional information "late submission".
  • If the button "submit" is not clicked AFTER the expiration of the time limit, the saved draft is submitted.
    • The status of the submission is "submitted", with the additional information "Automated submission by the system".

In the overview of assignments, you can see the submission (text or file upload) in the state of the last saving as a draft before the time limit had expired.

Assignment without option "Save as Draft":

  • If the button "submit" is clicked after the expiration of the time limit (Timer), the answers and assignments are discarded and no answer is submitted.
    • The status of the assignment is "submitted" and the assignment can be graded. However, there is no submission file or answer available.
  • If the button "submit" is not clicked after the expiration of the time limit (Timer), the answers and assignments are discarded and no answer is submitted.
    • The status of the assignment is "submitted", with the additional information "Submission type: automated submission by the system". The assignment can be graded, but no submissions are available.

It is sufficient if each assignment / activity is submitted. Students have the overview of the processing status of assignments, sample exams and study modules via checkmarks and progress bars.

The folder "The exam" is only the container for the exam. This folder cannot be submitted.

If you have structured all content relevant for the exam in a folder called "The Exam", students can view them in the online exam environment in the left side menu.

In this menu, students see symbols that indicate their own progress:

  • For Sample Exam and Assignment, there is a grey checkmark if the assignment was processed.
  • For Study Modules and Exam folders, a progress bar is shown.


You can activate the perspective of a student. For doing so, switch the edit-slider to "off" when you are in the online exam environment or in the course environment. Now, you see the environment from a student's perspective and you can check all the contents.


Use the function "complete as student" for the activity. If you do so, a set processing time won't be considered.


Copy the exam with the help of the clipboard in a demo course (if one is available) and add testers with a student account.

Make sure that

  • all activities relevant for the exam are defined as assignment (not as exercise)
  • the points for the grading and the time limit are entered correctly
  • processing periods are entered correctly for all party of the exam
  • the correct answer alternatives are marked as correct
  • all correct solutions are provided for Cloze questions with a text area (spelling, synonyms, ...)
  • all assignments are published / released, especially the questions in a poolfolder for a proxy question
  • the correct poolfolders for proxy questions are selected
  • the attachements / downloads (files, working sheets, ...) are correct

It is recommended that an exam is tested and viewed in advance by two persons at least. Of these, one person should not be the creator of the questions, to take a "fresh" look at the questions and exam components.

BeAble students receive a compensation for the time disadvantages during their examination. The corresponding time extension must be taken into account by you, both in the design of BeAble exams and in the configuration of the examination statement and, if necessary, online supervision (in a separate online examination environment). In the following document ​​​​​​ BeAble Anleitung you will find

  • a precise step-by-step instruction on what you need to consider with regard to BeAble students during your exam (information, communication, exam design, if necessary consideration of writing assistants)
  • process information for BeAble students without writing assistance
  • process information for BeAble students with writing assistants

Please contact the BeAble-Team for all questions with regard to BeAble-students as exam participants. For technical questions about the design of BeAble exams, please contact the team of the Digital Teaching Services at

Grade written online exams

As grading mode, you can select "max. points". With this setting, you can transfer the grades later on into the gradebook of the online exam environment or the course environment.

At "Release grading" you can select "Publish grade manually". With this setting, you can release all grades at the same time, as soon as you have entered them and / or checked them.

For this operation, you can use the Gradebook of the online exam environemnt or course environment:

  1. Release the grading of the individual assignments at Learning Activities.
  2. Set a Grade key in the Gradebook.
  3. At "Gradebook", click in the top menu on "New" and select "acquire partial score from learning activity".
  4. At "Source", select "Learning Activities".
  5. Select the desired partial credits of the exam.
  6. Select the Type.
  7. Click the button "Save". From now on, students see the achieved points and, if applicable, also the grade they have got in the gradebook of the course / exam environment.
  8. Navigate to "Actions" and "Export to CSV". There, select the export format "Grades (BACH)".
  9. Import the output file of this operation into BACH.

You can find more information and further instructions via the MyLEARN-Guide.

You can export the exam results as CSV file and import them into the gradebook of your course environment.

  1. In the Online Learning Environment, navigate to the overview of all assignments at Learning Activities.
  2. Next to the assignment, click on the symbol for the "CSV export" and save the file on your computer.
  3. Navigate to your course on MyLEARN.
  4. There, click in the Gradebook in the top menu on "New" and "Create partial score manually".
  5. As soon as you have created the partial score manually and saved your entries, you can click on the name of the score and in the menu bar on "This entry ..." and "Import CSV file data into gradebook".

Upload the CSV file which you have saved earlier and click "Ok". When importing assessments into the gradebook, only the entries of those students who are members of the course are taken over. This means that you can import assessments from one file into the gradebooks of a range of courses

  1. In your course environment on MyLEARN, click in the Learning Activities on "Learning Activities" in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on "Einstellungsprofile".
  3. Click on "en:paramter_page1".
  4. Scroll down to "Scoring".

There, you can find the scoring settings for Single Choice, Mutliple Choice and Cloze questions. The settings done here are valid for the whole online exam environment or course environment.

You can view the answers and submissions of the students:

  1. In the left side menu, click on "Learning Activities".
  2. In the top menu, click on "Learning Activities" and select "Overview of assignments".
  3. In the column "Title of assignment", select the online exam of which you want to view the submissions.
  4. At this assignment, click in the column "Status" on the number for "Submitted".

You see a table of all submissions and, if applicable, the grading, which was calculated automatically.

The grading of closed-ended questions is done automatically. You can check the automated grading of the closed-ended questions (e.g. for Cloze questions) and assess the open-ended questions / assignments. You can also overwrite the automatically calculated grades:

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from the question "Where do I see the student submissions?"
  2. In the column "status", click on the link "submitted" to view detailed information about the students' submissions.
  3. If necessary, overwrite individual gradings by clicking on the automatically calculated sum of points in the field "of [number] Points".

Detailed information and step-by-step instructions for assessing the different activities can be found in the sections on:

You can publish the grades directly in the Learning Activities manually.

  1. For doing so, click the button "Publish all grades".
  2. After the publication of the grades, students see their own grades directly at the activity in the course

You can also publish your assessment via the Gradebook. Information about that is available via the MyLEARN-Guide.

Carry out written Online Exams in an Online Exam Environment

Information about the online exam environment can be found at "Online exam environment on MyLEARN".

As soon as students have been added to an online exam environment, they see the exam titles at their MyLEARN homepage at "Memberships" and "My Courses".


Some adaptations even have to be done actively by the exam coordinators before students are added as members. The adaptations should be in line with the examination statement.

In an online exam environment, the "identity confirmation" is a pre-defined assignment, which can be used optionally by exam supervisors. At least 2-3 days before the exam, students upload a picture (also possible as *.doc or .*pdf file) which shows the following:

  • the student ID or an official photo ID (passpowrt, Austrian driving license, ID card) of the student AND
  • the face of the student

In the overview of assignments, you can check the identity confirmation:

  1. Click in the left side menu on "learning activities".
  2. Click in the top menu on "learning activities", and select "overview of assignments" in the dropdown list.
  3. In the column "title of assignment", select the assignment of which you want to view the submissions.
  4. Click at the assignment "Identity Confirmation", in the column "Status" on the number for "not submitted" to get to a list of the students who did not handin their Identity Confirmation yet. You can also export a list of the names as a CSV file.
  5. At the assignment "Identity Confirmation", click in the column "Status" at the number for "submitted" to view the submissions. You can start at any time to view the pictures uploaded as identity confirmation.
  6. Mark the checked submissions with "Achieved" or "Not achieved". This can help exam supervisors to keep an overview regarding checking the ID confirmation.

An identity confirmation has to be made by the students for each exam that displays this assignment. For doing so, students can always use the same picture.

Pictures that were handed in HEIC format can be opened with the program "GIMP" from the WU software center.

Carry out written Online Exams in a Course Environment

Most written exams outside of the major exam week (Großprüfungswoche) are created and carried out in the regular course environment on MyLEARN.

The differences are as follows:

  • Only registered members of a course can participate in the online exam in the course environment. Therefore, you don't need to add the students of the course again for the exam in the course environment.
  • The course environment contains further learning materials, such as exercises, tutorial videos etc.
  • In the course environment, no online supervision is possible.


In order to be able to plan and administrate all synchronous written online exams via MyLEARN well, a registration of the exams is necessary. You can report the necessary information directly at the respective exam date in Rooms.

More information is available via "Examinations".

You can find exact instructions via the MyLEARN-Guide.

The students have to accept the examination statement before each examination (obligatory).

If your examination is not an exam of the major exam week, it is up to you how you design your exam in the course environment.

If you want to obtain contents from the online exm environment for your course, please write to and state the course language and the course number.

The contents of an online exam environment are shown at "Online Exam Environment on MyLEARN".

Make sure that all exam contents differ clearly from the contents of the course. For doing so, use for example:

  • Sub-headers (Dividers)
  • Folders

Further information and a description of the exam formats is available at "Written Online Exam on MyLEARN".

Online Supervision

This decision is up to you. Please inform the students about your decision.

It is recommended that students announce the reason for leaving the workplace, so their leaving is not considered a cheating attempt.

However, the students can in no case assert the interruption to achieve an extension of exam time or to be taken into consideration regarding the grading.

This is at the discretion of the exam coordinator.

As in online supervision mode all activities on the screen are recorded, activities on other websites are recorded, as well.

This is at the discretion of the exam coordinator.

As in online supervision mode all activites on the screen are recorded, activities on other websites are recorded, as well.

Opening another website does not automatically lead to an abortion of or an exclusion form the exam. As in online supervision mode all activities on the screen are recorded activities on external websites are recorded, as well.

If external websites were not permitted, it is at the discretion of the exam coordinator how to deal with the incident, e.g., if this is reported as a cheating attempt with all consequences.

For problems on the server side no proof is necessary.

In the event of technical problems on the part of the students, a screenshot if the error message (if there is one) is sufficient. The screenshot should be attached to the notification of "Technical problems" in Microsoft Teams.

No further proofs, e.g. from the system operator, are necessary.

Technical equipments for online exams

This information about technical equipment is only relevant for students. For online exams with online supervision, students have to have a computer or laptop, a microphone, a webcam and the browser Google Chrome. Further information for students can be obtained via the WU Website.

No, for creating the exam you can use any browser. The information regarding technical equipment for exams only applies for students who want to take an online exam with online supervision.

If students don't find the opportunity to organize the technical equipment, the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Programs and Student Affairs will endeavor to find a solution together with you, provided that it is an examination as part of the major examination.

No, the WU does not lend equipment and does not cover any acquisition costs for technical equipment for students.

If they want to use it for an exam with online supervision: no. Tests have shown that the start of an exam with online supervision is only possible with a desktop computer or notebook without problems.

Even if there is no online supervision, there can be problems in displaying exam questions with mobile devices.

Troubleshooting before and during the exam

As the administrator of an online exam environment, you can return a submission for resubmission. Instructions how to do this can be found via the MyLEARN-Guide at "How can I return submissions to individual students for revision".

Check the edit time and / or the time limit for the exam questions / assignments. If the edit time is in the past, the exam cannot be returned for resubmission and there is no possibility to grant a grace period.

If the student can still take the exam within the editing period, you have the opportunity to return the exam questions / assignments for resubmission.

NOTE: If you return the exam resubmission, all entries of the student within the exam activity are deleted and the student has to start working on them from the beginning.

It is hardly possible to help with technical problems as they can result from settings of the individual devices or non-suffucient internet connection.

Students should try to continue taking the exam by reloading the web page, avoiding double clickiing, connecting their device to electric power supply etc.

If students have to terminate the exam because of technical problems, they have to report this during the exam. More information is available at "Technical problems during the exam".

If students have reported the termination of the exam in the Microsoft Teams Channel "Technical problems" and the report is credible, in principle the exam should not be graded and the examination attempt should not be counted.

However, if the interruption was only short or the termination was shortly before the end of the exam, grading can be done in the interest of the student. For obtaining a grade, the studend who had faced the technical problems should report to the exam coordinator directly after the exam and ask for a grading of the exam in spite of the reported technical problems. The technical problems should not be taken into account when assessing the exam, grading is done on the basis of the submitted exam activities only.

If students did not report the technical problems via the Microsoft Teams channel "Technical problems", the examination is considered as terminated prematurely by the student, and thus will be graded, and the examination attempt will be counted.

No. If the browser window closes, students can open MyLEARN and the exam environment again, start the online supervision again and resume the exam where they had to leave it.

The total editing time for the examination is not changed because of the problem, i.e. students could lose a few minutes.

The exam can be graded regularly if students have not reported an official termination via the MS Teams channel "Technical problems".

There is no general answer to this.

Please consult the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Programs and Student Affairs to coordinate a possible date and further steps. Even an alternative exam date would currently be an online exam. If students are entitled to an alternative exam date is dependent on the question why they could not do the exam attempt.